Big Jim’s Lockdown College Football Picks of the Week 8.31.2018

Big Jim is back with your College Football Expert Picks.

That’s right, all those long,  lonely nights worrying whether Big Jim would drop the knowledge bombs of NCAAF picks and college football predictions are finally over.
It’s College Football Gameday, baby! So, instead of making you wait any longer. here’s all your Lockdown Picks of the Week. I know you have been waiting all year to find out who the Big Winners will be this season. I know a lot of you have been having trouble making the rent and car payments and you said to yourself, If I only had Big Jim’s College Football Lockdown Picks of the Week to share with my boss I could get that raise and everything would be alright.
Fear no more because I’m back with all the Big Winners. As usual I have a few upsets for you this week and a couple of sure things. Enough with how much you all Love Big Jim and his football knowledge, lets get on with the college football picks for 2018.

Oregon State over Ohio State

We come straight out of the box with a BIG shocker. Oregon State is one of those sleeper powerhouse programs and is ready to kick this season off right. While Ohio State coach Urban Meyer knows about beating people he is off the sidelines for a few games and wont be a factor in this week contest. This will be a tough season for the Buckeyes with an enormous amount of off the field distractions. I will be surprised if they even end up with a winning record. The Beavers on the other hand are ready to do what they do best, taking down trees and Ohio State is the first tree in their football forest.

Texas Tech Over Ole Miss 

The Red Radars are not much to talk about and their head coach will probably be on the Longhorns sidelines next year as an offensive coordinator. They get the nod in this game because of lack of competition. Ole Miss seniors were free to transfer last year due to NCAA sanctions and they have a reduction in scholarships again for this season. The puzzling part was one of the accusations of “fixing” ACT scores. Since when was intelligence a part of playing college football. We don’t watch this game thinking that receiver should be on Jeopardy. In any case, the lack of talent is going to be evident in this contest. I do think the Radars Air Raid offense should be able to put up some big numbers making this a fun and entertaining contest to watch.

 Florida Atlantic over Oklahoma

That’s right Big Jim Fans another bombshell for you right here. The Owls lead by none other than Lane Kiffin will put the hurt on the Sooners. Coach Kiffin is looking for his return to the top tier programs in the country and he is going to do that by making Florida Atlantic in to a true powerhouse program. The Sooners are not without problem this year. They lost their entire offense to the NFL draft when one of the best quarterbacks in the schools history moved on to take the Cleveland Browns deep in the playoffs in the up coming season. Add in that the new quarterback is a recycled player from the TAM college aggies along with an unproven coach trying to run his own offensive plans for the first time. This could get embarrassing for the Sooners real fast in week one. Its 12:40 pm and OU still Suck’s

Abilene Christian over Baylor

This is a battle of two Christian schools, one a former powerhouse and one emerging on the Division 1 landscape. The Wildcats are hoping to make a name for themselves on week one. They look to take down the Bears and while they are all great Christian folks they are going to do Baylor in a bad way in this contest. Baylor, still reeling from the Art Briles era is still looking to actually field a team of D1 players as most of the ones they had left for other programs and better opportunities. This week you will get to see the good guys get dirty on the field and show you how its all done. Bless’em.

LSU over Miami

And now its time to get on with the BIGGEST and BADDEST programs in the country. The LSU Tigers are headed to Jerry World to knock the Wind out of the Miami Hurricanes. This is going to be an epic beat down dished out by the Tigers. Coach O has all his game plans laid out and one of the best QB’s in the country. Joe Burrow has a rocket launcher for an arm and is one of the smartest and most mobile quarterbacks to play the game.,Add to this that LSU is also known as DB University and will have their stifling defense on display. Miami doesn’t stand a chance of scoring enough points to keep up with the Tigers much less squeak out a win. The Hurricanes begin the season 0-1 and the Tigers start their march to the National Championship.



The University of Texas over Maryland

Tom Herman has the Longhorns ready to take the field behind the #1 quarterback in the country in Sam Ehlinger. This kid has more talent that most other Power Conference schools have on their entire team. This is a combination of Colt McCoy and Vince Young all wrapped up together. The #3 defense in the country from last year is back and ready to reign supreme at Number 1 this year. Its taken Herman 1 year to figure out all the right positions and coaches who should manage them but this is the year that the Longhorns return to glory and this is the first step on the way to the National Championship.
There you have it Big Jim Fans. Everything you need to know about all the big games for kick off weekend. Get your popcorn ready because this is going to be a wild season. Remember to SHARE Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week with everyone one you know and of course if you need a raise at work just off it to your boss and you can be the Big Winner too. Until next week Geaux kiss the dog and hug your mom and Hook’em.
Big Jim

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