Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week (11/11/16)

Never fear! Big Jim is back for a new, exciting weekend of college football and he has some more great insight into who will be the big winners and big losers this week. Of course since you are reading Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week you know YOU are already the BIGGEST of the winners. (If someone nearby isn’t reading this, point at them and yell LOSER! Go ahead, do it. Thank me later.)

Last week we went 5 of 6 on the picks with a couple of big upsets in the mix. It would have been a perfect week if the refs didn’t totally interfere with the LSU game preventing them from beating ‘Bama. But, Big Jim doesn’t want to dwell on what should have been. Lets get on to this ball of wisdom and knowledge bomb I have ready for you.

1. Texas Tech Red Raiders over Oklahoma State Cowboys

Yes I know the Red Raiders just took a crushing defeat at the hands of the Texas Longhorns but they are fired up this week and ready to take out their frustration on the Cowboys. After having a fairy tale season thus far the second class team in the state of Oklahoma is going to be headed back to the cellar. The most high-powered offense in the country will be running roughshod over the helpless Cowboys and they just wont have any way to stop it. This will be a wild show to watch but I think it will be a fun one with a final score of  Texas Tech 72 Oklahoma State 52

2. Ole Miss Rebels over atm aggies

This is an easy pick. Ole Miss and Chad Kelly are just about to hit their stride and finish the season off in grand fashion. Plus, last week we saw what happens when the aggies play a team from Mississippi. The Bulldogs stomped them like grapes at some sissy whinery. The aggies barely want to be on the field after having their CFP hopes crushed. The aggies in the CFP, now that’s real Fantasy Football. Anyway, Chad Kelly will burn the aggies on the ground and through the air. If it was closer to the coast I’m sure he could burn them at sea. The aggies are lucky they don’t play South Eastern Mississippi college. That would go badly for them too, even though they could get a better education there. By the end of the game Coach Sumlin will be back on the hot seat.

3. LSU Tigers over Arkansas Razorbacks

This will be one of the best games of the weekend. Both of these teams are super tough. The Razorbacks knocked off Florida last week in an upset called right here on Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks. LSU went head to head with the number 1 team in the country and held them without a score for three quarters and only let them cross the 50-yard line once in the first half. I see LSU pulling out a win on the back of Leonard Fornett. Arkansas doesnt have half the defense of ‘Bama so I could see him putting up 300 total yards. A big win here could get the Tigers back into the top 10 but I’m not sure there are enough games left to get them into the CFP.

4. Baylor Bears over Oklahoma Sooners

Baylor took a couple of losses to top teams Texas and TCU. That was no surprise and both games were predicted to go the way they did right here. This week a hungry, and angry, Baylor team will be brutal against a highly over rated OU. (You would be angry too if you had to live in Waco.) That same OU that was beaten by Houston earlier this year. The same Houston that was beaten by SMU so by proxy SMU has also beaten OU this year. This is the week they get exposed. Baylor’s high powered offense will be too overwhelming for the OU defense to handle. I could see Bayor muscle their way to a 30-plus point win. By the way, it’s 4:25 pm and OU still sucks. And to make matters worse, to be a Sooner you have to live in Oklahoma… sheesh.

5.Texas Longhorns over West Virginia Mountaineers. LOCK OF THE WEEK ALERT

Texas has been showing why it’s once again the dominate force in the Big 12. Last week they shut down the best offense in college football with some crushing defensive play. If you think their all defense, don’t forget on the offensive side of the ball they have the Earl Campbell-like running back Demonte Forman. I can see Forman putting up another 300 plus yards this week against a weak WVU defensive front. That will open the door for the near perfect deep ball passing attack from the young freshman quarterback, Shane Buechele. With another 400 yards through the air this will be the best offensive performance of the weekend by any team. The Texas defense will be punishing this week and I don’t see the Mountaineers having 200 yards of total offense. This is the game to get the Longhorns back into the top 10-15 ranking

6. Minnesota Golden Gophers over Nebraska Cornhuskers

Minnesota is an underrated power-house. The Gophers are not ranked for some crazy reason. They are going to get the respect they deserve this week when they throttle the Cornhuskers. Nebraska has enjoyed one of the weakest schedules in college football to get to 7-2 but you saw what happened last week when they had to face The Ohio State. It was an EPIC beating! This week could be just as bad. Once again Nebraska can’t move the ball in the air and have no ground game to speak of, and if we learned anything from last week it’s that they have no defense either. Thinking about it how tough can you be if you are corn husker. You husk corn? That’ll certainly scare some terrorists…

There you have it. This week will be the one remembered for some epic upsets and some previous Power House Programs that have been struggling, rising from the ashes to become Legends once again. Don’t hide with this information. Share it with everyone you know. Everyone likes a winner but what they like even more is to be the BIG WINNER too. They will always remember the person who shared the winning information with them. Be the talk of the town, be the HERO. Make your friends into winners. Share Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week.

I’ll be back next time with all new winning picks and special insight into this game we all love. I gotta run, I’ve kept Coach Strong on hold too long.

Big Jim

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