Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week

Big Jim here and I have your lock down picks of the week ready to go. Last week we went four out of six and were definitely in the BIG MONEY with a couple of HUGE upsets that I provided for you right here.

As you’re reading now you’re probably starting to understand the method to my madness – unless you’re an aggie, then there’s nothing I can do to help you understand anything. Anyway, I study college football and know what’s going on with these teams better they they do themselves. In fact, it might seem like many coaches call me up each week to get my take on how to dismantle their opponents. Nick Saban has me on speed dial. Bobby Bowden used to cut my grass in exchange for my wisdom. Bear Bryant… that man is legendary, thanks to me.

The clown in the Dr. Pepper ads, he learned all he knows about college ball right here, at the feet of Big Jim.

So, now that you understand the gravity of knowledge I’m about lay on you, let’s get with it.

1. Mississippi State over atm aggies

This is an easy pick to make. The aggies are reading their own press and feeling good about being aggies – which is probably the alcohol talking – so you know that’s never going to end well. This is normally when the aggies turn into a dumpster fire for the season. The Bulldogs have had a rough go of it this season but they can smell a turn around and will do it BIG while dashing the aggies CFP hopes.

LOCK OF THE WEEK ALERT    2. Texas Longhorns over Texas Tech Red Raiders

Texas roared to life last week beating the Baylor Bears in a thrilling upset that I predicted happening. Right here. Did you feel the ground shake when I dropped that massive knowledge? The players are trying to keep their coach’s job. While I don’t see that happening I do see them stomping the Red Raiders into dust out in West Texas. The Raiders have less defense than your local Pop Warner team. The young freshman QB at Texas should torch them for 400 yards and Forman will add another 200 on the ground. This one will get out of hand real fast.

3. LSU Tigers over ‘BAMA

I don’t care what their records are this game is always a dog fight. Fornett will cement his legacy at LSU in this game. He will burn the ‘Bama defense for 280 plus rushing yards and another 100 receiving. The freshman QB for ‘Bama will feel the hurt in this game from LSU’s punishing defense. I am on location for this game and might even do a TV appearance to give the nation some insight on this one. One thing’s for sure, Saban will be asking to come back to coach the Tigers but too late. That job belongs to coach O. But, I’ll be sure to let Nick know when he calls me for advice on Friday night.

4. *THE* Ohio State Buckeyes over Nebraska Cornhuskers

While I love a good upset game it’s not going to happen in this one. Nebraska has a servicable game manager at QB but they have no power running game. The top two backs on the team don’t have 1000 yards combined. On top of that Urban Meyer is fired up and mad. After one loss and a close call last week he wants to make a statement in this game. It won’t break 100 but I’m calling this 72-27 contest for Ohio State. At that score I guess it really was no contest. Sorry Nebraska, your corn is about to get husked in legendary fashion.

5. Arkansas Razorbacks over Florida Gators

Your read it here first: the Gators will be exposed. They have a weak passing game and even weaker running game. They are going up against an Arkansas team with the QB Allen going over 2000 in the air already and RB Williams III adding another 800 on the ground. This potent offense will totally overwhelm Florida. It will look like the Will Muschamp days all over again. Your going to think Florida has a Big 12 defense – or a Texas Tech one…

6. TCU Horned Frogs over Baylor Bears

Last week Baylor had all their hopes and dreams dashed when they got abused by Texas. Baylor athletes getting abused? That’s a new twist… Anyway, with that loss you have no CFP to look forward to, and when you live in Waco there isn’t much else to look forward to unless you love Chip and Joanna Gaines, which you should. Picture a town in Oklahoma picked up and placed in Texas. Yeah it’s like that.

We saw what happened last year after losing their first game. They just gave up and then failed to show up the next week. TCU is still hoping to right the ship and prove they deserve to be a national power program. They will throw everything they have into this game, which isn’t much, to try and topple Baylor. I believe they will because it won’t take much to beat a team that doesn’t want to be on the field.

Well there you have it friends. Another week of rock solid lockdown picks of the week. I will be back next week with a slew of brand new insight and new picks to make you the talk around the water cooler when you share them with your friends.

Nick’s calling, I gotta go. Have a great weekend!

Big Jim