NFL Sunday Week IX

After some amazing NCAA games yesterday, the field is ripe for some major NFL play today. Are you ready?

Here’s what you have to look forward to from today’s slate of games:

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens 1:00pm CBS

The Big news from this big AFC North game is whether or not Pittsburgh’s Big Ben will play. Listed as a game time decision, the Steeler faithful are hoping he does. Baltimore is only one game back in the tight divisional race and if they beat Pittsburgh today the Steelers will no longer hold sole possession of first place in the AFC North.

Dallas Cowboys at Cleveland Browns 1:00pm FOX

Best vs Worst?

Dallas comes into this game as arguably the best team in the NFL right now and Cleveland is inarguably the worst. The Ohio State Buckeyes would stand a better chance against Dallas today. But, these are the sorts of games the the Cowboys historically blow, so as with any game day, anything goes…

Jacksonville Jaguars at Kansas City Chiefs 1:00pm CBS

If Jacksonville drops this game, their playoff hopes are all but over. That will most likely include and end of the Gus Bradley era as well. Meanwhile, Kansas City is trying to keep pace with Oakland and Denver in the best division in football – the AFC West has three teams with a winning percentage over .710 right now.

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins 1:00pm CBS

The AFC East battle of the basement gets underway in South Florida today with two teams searching for answers in what has been a disappointing 2016 campaign. While each has shown flashes of excellence this season, neither has managed to pull it altogether. If Ryan Fitzpatrick can manage to stop throwing interceptions, the Jets should take this one. If not, it’s all ‘Phins…

NFC GAME OF THE WEEK: Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings 1:00pm FOX

The post-Norv Turner Vikings offense starts here. With a Minnesota team that’s primed for PTSD counseling on just about every level, Matthew Stafford and his Lions could come in and steal a win from the Vikings in their new nordic palace.

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants 1:00pm FOX

Whichever team pulls this one out will be one step closer to the coattails of the Dallas Cowboys. But neither of them seems to be ready to take the step to the next level anytime soon. O’Dell Beckham Jr. celebrated a birthday this week, which might give him the extra juice to make a highlight reel game in front of their home crowd.

Carolina Panthers at Los Angeles Rams 4:05pm FOX

Jeff Fisher’s impersonation of a winning coach will take a major blow today as Cam Newton and co come into LA to show the City of Angels what a championship team looks like. This one could get away from the Rams early and turn into a blow out if the Panthers secondary can hold it together.

New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers 4:05pm FOX

To say Drew Brees is having a hot-handed season so far is an understatement. Saying anything is hot in San Francisco is an overstatement. Since the hoopla of his political stance (kneel?) has died off with his terrible on-field play, Colin Kaepernick has his work cut out for him trying to keep pace with a future first ballot Hall of Fame.

Indianapolis Colts at Green Bay Packers 4:25pm FOX

Andrew Luck will try to drag his lifeless team up and down the field and will them to a win against a resurgent Green Bay club. Aaron Rodgers vs Luck normally would be a drama-filled matchup, but so far this season Indy just hasn’t had the mojo to keep up with any truly competitive opponent.

Tennessee Titans at San Diego Chargers 4:25pm CBS

This one should be interesting. Two teams striving to get to the top of their divisions, one the toughest in the NFL, the other the weakest. While Tennessee is striving to prove to the world their a contender after all, the Chargers are striving to prove to their fanbase their worth a new stadium deal. Motivation comes in all forms, folks!

AFC GAME OF THE WEEK: Denver Broncos at the Oakland Raiders 8:30pm NBC

Raider’s QB Derek Carr is proving he belongs in the 2016 MVP conversations, while Denver QB Trevor Siemian is striving to put himself in the rookie of the year talk. When these two 6-2 teams collide, one of the oldest remaining AFL rivalries will be set to explode. Make some popcorn and get ready for the fireworks!