Monday Night Football WK III Results

Atlanta Falcons 45 Saints 32

The Atlanta Falcons, a team who had dropped 12 straight on Monday Night Football, went in New Orleans and tore a win from the grasp of Drew Brees and the Saints.

Matt Ryan and Brees combined for over 600 yards of passing offense, Atlanta’s Devonta Freeman ran for over 150 and both teams combined for 10 total touchdowns. While many were watching the presidential debates, the Falcon and Saints offenses were putting on a show.

Atlanta now controls the AFC South after reigning the NFC Champion Carolin Panthers lost to Minnesota on Sunday. The Saints are still in the winless column and need to defy the odds to make the playoffs – a feat no team starting 0-3 has done since the current playoff system was instituted in 2002.

No matter who your root for, if you like a lot of scoring this game was right up your alley. If you missed it, catch a replay on NFL Network later this week.