Monday Night Football WK7 Results: Denver Gets It’s Mojo Back

The Prodigal Son, Brock Osweiler returned to Mile High Stadium, but instead of getting the fur coat, gold ring and fattened calf, he served up one of the worst Monday Night Football performances by a quarterback in the modern age.

The Texans now rank dead last in most offensive categories, a fact that has to leave owner Bob McNair a little unsettled after his front office and coaching leaders talked him into shelling out big bucks for Osweiler in the offseason.

Houston should certainly be flying their flag upside down this morning, because this team is in serious trouble.

Next up for Denver is a visit from the Chargers who beat them just a few weeks ago in So Cal.

Meanwhile, Houston will return home to host Matthew Stafford, a quarterback who knows how to move the ball – unlike Brock Osweiler.