Big Jim’s Lockdown Mock Down Part Teaux

BIG JIM is back to bring you the second half of round One. Yes I realize that most of these guys will be in the NFL for 3 years or less but being drafted in round one is the BIGGEST night of their lives. So here at BIG JIM’S LOCKDOWN DRAFT PICKS we want to give them the… ummm… HONOR they deserve by making it on my 1st round list. I also realize that some of your pro teams won more than eight games last year and they won’t draft until the second half and you want to know what new stud talent will be on the roster next season.

Some of the guys have real talent and a great work ethic but they just have a hard time keeping their hands to themselves or maybe they smoke some things that are frowned upon but this is America and we believe in second chances. Also coming to you in the second half is the WILD CARD PICK of the DRAFT. He is a really special talent who I can see doing big things in the NFL if he can find an owner SPECIAL enough to just give him the shot he deserves. So enough with the jibber-jabber, lets get on with Round One Part Teaux.

17. Washington Redskins select S Jabrill Peppers from Michigan. This guy is for sure a first round talent and could go as high as the top ten. Some off the field distractions could be his down fall, though. If he can lay off the Devils Lettuce he will have a great career in the NFL. Peppers could really spice things up in the Washington defense.

18. Tennessee Titans select LB Reuben Foster from Alabama. This is another great pick by the Titans. Foster will be a day one starter and will be signing a multi-million dollar contract extension in just a few years. The only question is this kid’s smarts. He did choose to go to Alabama and that brings lots of things into question when it comes to decision making.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select QB Mitchell Trubisky from North Carolina. This is the smart pick by Tampa. They have had a few years with limited production from Jameis Winston. Not really what was hoped for when he was coming out of FSU with so much undue hype about his ability as a pro style quarterback. The question is really how long will he last until he steals more crab legs or some other indiscretion pops up. They can plug in Trubisky this year and be ready to move on seamlessly from Winston and finally start to win some playoff games.

20. Denver Broncos select QB David Webb from California. This is a great pick for the Broncos. They get a very good game manager in Webb and that is all they need in Denver. This is a team that knows that defense when championships. If you have a quarterback who can just keep from turning the ball over and making stupid decisions then you have a chance to go deep in the playoffs.

21. Detroit Lions 22. Miami Dolphins… and once again this is where you can thank me that we get to skip ahead.

23. New York Giants select RB Joe Mixon from Oklahoma. Here is where things get really interesting. The Giants were one good running back away from winning their first round playoff game last year and going on to spank the Cowboys for a third time all in one season. Joe Mixon will give them greatness at that position. This guy is a great running back and it will all be on display in week one when New York looms Giant over the struggling Cowboys.

24. Oakland Raiders select DE Myles Garrett from a&m college. This is another BUST of the DRAFT pick. Another product of a&m college. The aggies show up big time against teams like South West Central Vo-Tech Academy and players can really pad their stats with sacks against teams that are barely DIII. However, when they have to go see other SEC schools they seem to disappear. It is no different with Myles. If he is on the field for 50 plays a game you wont see him near the football for 48 of them. This will only be further exposed in the pro game. Sorry Oakland, you will waste some money on this one.

25. Houston Texans select QB Patrick Mahomes from Texas Tech. This is what the smart money says to do. Mahomes is a great quarterback in the right system. The Texans have a great defense but it is on the top side of the age hill when it comes to NFL players. If they can get any kind of offense going they can make a run deep in the playoffs and Mahomes gives them some great play at quarterback. The kid has a strong arm and he can thread the needle with the football. The time for Houston to strike is now and this is the way to get it done. Then again they could always just pick another lineman.

26. Seattle Seahawks 27. Kansas City Chiefs… I could get a little push back here but Seattle is done for a while. Back to the cellar. Honestly they were never very exciting in the first place. And do I really need to explain skipping the Might-As-Well-Be-Oklahoma Chiefs?

28. Dallas Cowboys select QB David Ash from The University of Texas. This is the wild card pick in this years draft. David Ash was cleared by doctors before Texas Pro Day and that allowed him to show his talents to the pro scouts It has been reported that Jerry Jones was very impressed with what he saw. With their rookie quarterback coming in at number 19 in quarterback rankings last year they are looking for an upgrade. Plus Ash can also punt the ball making him a unique dual threat from the pocket. This is just the kind of pick I can see Jones making and one the Cowboy fans would really love to see.

29. Green Bay Packers select RB Samaje Perine from Oklahoma. This will get the Packers a running back with an actual running back number on his jersey. This is a great pick. The kid is fast and can cut up the field with the best of them. The Pack is always one play away from returning to the Super Bowl and this is the guy who just might be that difference maker. I look forward to seeing him on the field this year.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers select QB Deshone Kizer from Notre Dame. This is a great pick for the future. Big Ben isn’t getting any younger and the injuries are starting to pile up. They can bring in Kizer and let him learn from the bench for a couple of years before having to fully take over the game. By that time he will be ready. The guy has a lot of up side already but with time to develop he will become a truly elite passer.

31. Atlanta Falcons… After last season’s Super Bowl we can just move along.

32. New Orleans Saints select DE Jonathan Allen from Alabama. This will be a steal. Allen will be an All Pro DE in just a couple of years and could be in his rookie year. This continues New Orleans long run of making the best picks in the draft and selecting great pieces to put around Drew Brees. With the trade deal for Adrian Peterson and strengthening of the defense this off season. I could see the Saints making a run at the Super Bowl this year.

That’s it friends. The end of the first round and football glory awaits all the men on this list, with the exception maybe one or three of them. There could be a few surprises that I could not foresee in the next few days as the draft comes and goes but for the most part I don’t really see the draft playing out in any other way. If you really want that raise go ahead and share with your boss. If you want to impress the father-in-law share with him too. You know what? Go ahead and share this with the homeless guy you pass not the way to work. When he’s living in a mansion in five years, he’ll have you to thank!

I will be back soon enough with more insight and knowledge on the college football game. Until then have a great summer. Geaux Hook’em!

Thanks again,

Big Jim