Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week

Here we go friends, week 3 of Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week. I have some major upsets and some great insider information on this week’s college football games.
Last week Big Jim went three out of six but this week we are looking at perfection. I studied these match-ups and I’ve done all the homework for you to look like a football genius. Share them with everyone one you can and make them BIG WINNERS too.
Enough with how hard I work to bring you these massive KNOWLEDGE BOMBS and with the pure GENIUS that Big Jim is; let’s get on with the games.
Louisville over Clemson
Louisville’s quarterback, Lamar Jackson, is on fire and won’t be denied a second Heisman Trophy. He is going to light up a soft Clemson secondary for 400 yards in the air while adding another 100 yards on the ground. With Clemson’s defense looking pretty weak this year it’s going to be a high scoring affair. Also the Cardinals are allowing the fewest points scored in school history this season. Clemson is still trying to work out what kind of football team they are just as Big Jim said they would. It’s still going to take another week for Dabo and his squad to find their identity. Louisville wins big and gets into the top four looking for a playoff birth.
LSU over Mississippi State
The Tigers are looking as good as the National Champs they will be at the end of the season. They can run the ball on anyone and we learned last week they are a serious deep ball threat. Speaking with coach O this week I got a little insight into his game plan against the Bulldogs. MS has a soft secondary and some slow defensive backs and coach plans on exploiting that little fact. They will still get a heavy dose of Derrius Guice beating up the line for eight yards at a time but be on the lookout for the 50 yard bombs that will rain down like daggers on Mississippi State.
Arizona State over Texas Tech
The Sun Devils are ready for their match up with the Red Raiders this week. Quarterback Taylor Kelly has already been mentioned to be in the running for the Heisman Trophy. This kid doesn’t just throw the ball he sends pigskin missiles to his receivers. Plus he has the accuracy of a young Peyton Manning. On the other side of the ball we have a Texas Tech team with a Pop Warner defense and not much more on offense. The Red Raiders started rebuilding their program in 1986 and hope to get that accomplished in the next few years. Arizona State will embarrass them this week to the the tune of 52-14.
California over Ole Miss
That’s right Big Jim is calling on the Golden Bears from the land of fruits and nuts to beat Ole Miss from the Dirty South. This is a two fold pick. While California is playing some very good, inspired football this year it’s more about the lack of inspiration coming out of Ole Miss. In fact this year they are playing more like they are Old Mrs. While they still have some talent on the field they are waiting for the hammer to come down from the NCAA. They have lost their interest in fighting for a win that’s only going to be vacated when the sanctions are finally announced. Sorry Ole Miss fans, it’s back to the SEC cellar for a while.
Louisiana over tam college
First of all I have good information that coach Kevin Sumlin does NOT need to worry about his job with the aggies. They shopped around last year and no one else wants to coach there so they are working on his extension before someone else makes him a good high school or jr. high intra-mural offer. This week the Ragin’ Cajuns will get a good victory over the aggies. It will be a fun game to watch as the Louisiana plays their hearts out against an over hyped SEC DII school (a special division created for the aggies). I would say this is a big let down for a team who thought a few short years would be playing for a national championship but if you know anything about aggie history this is really just par for the course. Louisiana 38 tam college 24 Don’t fret too much aggie fans, you could be Baylor.
Texas over USC
That’s right Big Jim Fans. This week we have the Lockdown Pick of the Week and the Upset of the Week all wrapped up in one game. If you only watch one game this weekend, make it this one. I am seeing flashes of the 2005 National Championship all over again.
First let’s address the much over-hyped Sam Darnold. Last year he had one great game at the end of the season but that’s where it ends. Any sports fan should know you don’t hang your hopes on just a couple of decent outings. In case you need a reminder I present Jermey Lin and Brock Osweiler. Sam Darnold will soon join this class of athletes.
On the other side we have Shane Buechele and Sam Ehlinger. The only question that can be asked about these two talented passers is who will hoist the Heisman at the end of the year. Chris Warren III will run for 250 yards against the Trojans weak front line and add a couple of touchdowns to the four the super quarterback duo will be tossing up. I also see the Longhorns DB’s coming alive this week and adding a pick six or 2 from the over confident Darnold. Texas 56 USC 41 and Texas returns to its rightful place in the Top 10.
There you have it. All the inside scoop and football genius that Big Jim has to share with you. This week you are looking at perfection, 6 out of 6. Share with your friends, share with your boss and even share with your mother-in-law to make up for that awful fruit cake she gives you every Christmas. Share with anyone your are trying to impress with your football knowledge, because not only will they be impressed, they’ll ask if you’ve lost weight and wonder why you look younger, healthier and more successful.
I will see you back here next week with all new picks of the game we all love. Until then hug your mom, kiss your spouse and thank the Lord for another week of NCAA football sponsored by Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the week.
Big Jim