Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week – 9/21/17

Here we go friends. It’s time for Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the week. Last week was a GREAT week with California upsetting the Rebels of Ole Miss just like we called it right here. This week we have more GREAT picks and all the BIG winners of the week. Big Jim has some knowledge BOMBS for this week. I have been in touch with a few programs and have the inside scoop on how these games are going to play out. So enough with how much wisdom and football genius I give away freely, let’s get on with the PICKS.
Houston over Texas Tech
The Red Radars were able to squeak out a win last week against a far inferior opponent. This week will not be the same fairly tale. This week they will have to face the MIGHTY University of Houston Cougars and I’m not talking about some old lady’s. These Cougars are tired of being a stepping stone for coach’s looking to make the jump to a BIG money program. They are on a mission to take down as many Power 5 conference schools as they can. While I wouldn’t call Texas Tech a POWER anything they do play in the BIG 12. This will be a fun, high scoring affair to watch but Houston comes out on top 63-34.
Arkansas over Tam college
Coach Sumlin was able to quite his detractors for a week with a win but how much do you really count a win against a Junior college program. I would really like to see the aggies take on the Allen Eagles. The Dallas area high school known for being one of the best in the country. It would be a pretty equal match up. This week they have to play the Razorbacks. They have a balanced passing and rushing attack that will decimate the aggie defense and any hopes that Tam college has of rebounding in the second half will be crushed by Arkansas’s own punishing defensive front line. The Razorbacks should handle this task without much effort in a 42-10 win.
Alabama over Vanderbilt
It’s a battle of the unbeaten SEC POWER programs. Both of these storied teams are entering this contest undefeated and looking for a College Football Playoff birth. This is the game to decide who will get there. The TIDE is in familiar territory and enjoying another year of success this. Vanderbilt has just climb back into the NATIONAL spotlight as a POWER program and a contender for the Nation Championship Title. It’s unfortunate that these two teams have to play each other so early in the season as I would love to see both of them later on when they are both 9-0. This week I think the game and the HUGE stage is just going to be a little too much for the Commodores. Nick Satan gets his fourth win in a nail biter and stays unbeaten.
Oklahoma State over TCU
TCU is 3-0 but when you schedule three division III games at the beginning of the season then what do you expect. This week a new Cowboy comes to town. The Horned Frogs will face off against Oklahoma State. This game is going to be a blow out. TCU has very little offense and a Pop Warner defense going up against one of the best teams in the country this year. Calling this game an embarrassment might be an understatement. In the end Oklahoma State 73 TCU 21.
Oklahoma over Baylor
That’s right friends Big Jim has called two games this week for Oklahoma teams to beat Texas teams. It’s a lot for people of Oklahoma to be excited about since there isn’t much else since you are in fact from Oklahoma. The Sooners will face off against the Bears in what will be an epic BIG 12 showdown for these two Nation Championship caliber teams. Baylor has gotten off to a rough start but is looking to rebound this week and get back in to the Playoff conversation. I don’t know if they have enough big play ability to make it happen against Oklahoma. This battle is going to be hard fought and won in the trenches. Oklahoma edges out Baylor for the win and remain undefeated.
LSU over Syracuse
The Tigers are MAD. Last week they had a game stolen from them by bad refs against a weak Mississippi State team. That will not happen again. They are mad and ready to go on a rip roaring tear through the rest of the SEC and season. This week Syracuse has the unfortunate honor of playing LSU and is going to pay dearly. The Orange team from New York is about to take a beating so bad I could see it ending their season. Coach O has kept the final score of last weeks game posted in the locker room and on the board during practices. The Tigers will definitely be man eaters this week on the way to beating Syracuse. LSU 73 Syracuse 6.
There you have it. All of Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the week. This is the week we go 6 for 6 and reach that elusive perfection we all strive for. Share it with everyone you know and watch as they marvel at your football genius. If your girl friends parents keep saying NO share these picks with her father and you will finally get permission to marry her. If your boss thinks you’re an idiot, share these picks with him and get that BIG raise. I will be back next week with all new picks for WEEK 5 of the season. Until then hug your mom, kiss you dog, and enjoy some football this weekend.
Big Jim