Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week – 10.20.17

Here we go friends, family and all the others who just love Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week. The weekend is upon us and you know what that means, it’s football time and you are ready for some more football genius from Big Jim. Things are really starting to shape up for the College Playoff picture and I am starting to see what it looks like. With Texas poised to run the table and be the Big 12 Champion they could still snag one of the top 4 spots. My other Orange horse is Syracuse. If they keep taking care of business in the ACC they could also be in on the New Years day ball games. Enough with me giving away too much information on the future lets get on with this weeks Picks. I have some Big Jim GOLD coming to you right now.

Notre Dame over USC

That’s right USC goes down again. The Trojans have had a very soft season and have barely gotten past some very sub par talent. The one week they faced a real team they were exposed. This week they will face the Fighting Irish and just get destroyed. The crushing defense of Notre Dame is going to make Sam Darnold want to change his name. (I’m sure he wants to already with a name like Darnold) Then the Irish will unleash an air raid passing attack unseen since WWII. This is going to be an EPIC beating for the record books. Notre Dame 56 USC 17

Michigan over Penn State

Go Big Blue or something like that. I just don’t buy the HYPE around Penn State. They have done well this year playing against a bunch of JUCO level teams but tha’ts not the case when they have to face the Wolverines. One of the most ferocious animals on the planet. Just the thought brings on panic attacks in the average person. This team, coached by Jim Harbaugh, is ready to play. They are looking for a Big 10 Championship and hope to be there when the final four are announced in a few weeks. Michigan 48 Penn State 21

Syracuse over Miami

I present to you the 2017 ACC Champions, Syracuse. You never thought you would see it but the day has arrived. Big Orange is going all the way this year. They have proved they have what it takes to beat the best in the country and will do it again this week when they take down the very over rated Hurricanes. They have one of the most balanced teams in college football this year and I don’t see another opponent that they will face this year who has a chance to go toe to toe with them. The Hurricanes have had the benefit of playing some rather soft opponents and getting lucky at just the right time. The fairy tale all comes to end end this week. It will be a tough fun game to watch. Syracuse 38 Miami 34

New Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week Feature: BLOW OUT OF THE WEEK

LSU over Ole Miss

This is pretty much a tune up game for the Tigers. It’s unfortunate that the Rebels are still in the SEC. They have really dropped down to a conference USA talent level. I don’t see that changing for the next 5-10 years. But hey, I could be wrong. This is college football where you never know how big the check is or who it is written too. It kind of makes me miss SMU from the 80’s. The glory days of paying college players before camera phones, social media and good fashion stupidity messed it all up. I digress. LSU knows they are still in the hunt for the SEC Championship after knocking off the the Gators and Auburn. This week they get a practice game a couple of weeks before the Super Bowl of college football when they face off against the Tide. Enjoy this one sided track meet. You will be a witness to GREATNESS. LSU 73 Ole Miss 10


Texas over Oklahoma State

This is the week that Texas pulls it all together to start their march to the Big 12 Championship. Sam Ehlinger will be at the helm leading this potent offense in what can only be described as the GREATEST SHOW on TURF. The guy is an absolute beast with the ball in his hands. He punishes linebackers for trying to tackle him like he was a 300 pound running back. The rocket he possess for a passing arm will unleash deep ball bombs with the accuracy of a flea latching on to a dogs butt. On the defensive side of the ball Malik Jefferson will put fear into any ball carrier the Cowboys put on the field. The Longhorns defense will hold Oklahoma State to a record low number of yards this season. Texas 56 Oklahoma State 21

There you have it friends. All the football genius and knowledge bombs that Big Jim has to lay on you. You want to be the most popular guy at work then share Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week. You want to be the most popular guy in your neighborhood, throw a dinner party and make Big Jim the Honored guest. Your neighbors will be amazed. Until then have a great weekend. Hug your mom and kiss the dog and definitely watch some football.

Big Jim