Big Jim’s LockDown Picks of the Week 12.1.17

Here we go Big Jim fans. It’s Championship week in college football and Alabama is on the outside looking in just is Big Jim predicted it would be. I know you’re all wondering how I could be so good at predicting whats going to happen every weekend, but I am truly a student of the game. I study the these teams, players and coaches, so I can bring you the best information and picks every week. Lets not dwell on Big Jim Greatness lets get on with the picks and you know I have some BIG upsets coming your way.
Stanford over USC
USC hasn’t won a tough game all year and that won’t change this weekend. Sam Darnold is the anointed one and I have no idea why. The US postal service can deliver a better ball on time than he could ever hope for. The rest of the Trojans are just that, the rest. Stanford on the other hand is still trying to prove that they are more than just a college for really smart people. They want the glory that comes with being the best and not just in the class room. This week they will take the Trojans to school and rise to the top of the PAC 12……… for all that’s worth.
Stanford 42 USC 28
Wisconsin over Ohio State
Its a date with destiny. Its the night they will prove the might and power of the Badger. It’s the time they claim, “we will be your house cat no longer”. You are witnessing the end of the Urban Meyer area at Ohio State. It was his dream job but the dream is over. Wisconsin has got no respect all year and they are going to prove them all wrong and it all starts this week with the destruction of the Buckeyes.Wisconsin is on a National Title march and a win this week should move them to #1 in the polls and the hearts of all Americans.
Wisconsin 48 Ohio State 31
Miami over Clemson
Clemson has enjoyed the easy road by playing in the ACC but this week things change for Orange guys from South Carolina. This game is not being played at their Happy Valley home stadium and that doesn’t look good for them. They will have to see the Cat 5 Hurricanes from Miami who are bent on total destruction. Miami suffered its first defeat of the season last week against an unranked Pitt team. That is the worst thing that Clemson could have hoped for. Miami knows their only way back in to the College Football Playoffs is to completely dismantle the Kittens in a dramatic fashion.
Miami 56 Clemson 10
Auburn over Georgia
The most dangerous team in the SEC, The War/Tiger/Birds. Big Jim called the massive upset over Bama for you right here last week and I don’t see Auburn slowing down at all. They are headed straight for the National Championship. The Bulldogs have had a great year but a big part of that was playing in a very weak SEC east. They will be used and abused this week and leave many people wondering how they made it to the Championship game.
Auburn 38 Georgia 14
TCU over Oklahoma
The Horned Frogs are ready and they got ready at just the right time. They know they should be representing the BIG 12 in the College Football Playoffs and if they can’t go then they are not going to let a soft Boomer Sooner team go either. The Sooners must have some friends on the selection committee because I have seen nothing from them all year that would put them in the top 4 teams in the country. The few tough teams they did play they just barely squeaked by. Yes they can beat the bark off South west Tusla community college but then who can’t. This week the Frogs will shine and send Oklahoma back to the cellar. Its 2:25 pm and OU still……..
There you have it friends. All the winners and BIG upsets for Championship week. It has been a wild ride this season. No one really seemed to dominate except for Alabama but then again they only played a couple of real teams. We still have the Bowl season ahead of us and what should be some really entertaining match ups. Americas teams, The Texas Longhorns and The LSU Tigers will provide us with some great games I’m sure. Until then, hug your mom and kiss the dog and definitely watch some football.
Big Jim