Big Jim’s Top Ten 2018

Here we go College football fans, Big Jim is here to bring you the Preseason 10 + 1. I have done the research. I have talked to key coaches and players. I have left no stone unturned. There are a few surprises in the Top 10 and a few regulars. Plus some of the POWER Programs have been measured and have been found to be a little light at the dinner table. Its going to be a rough year for them as its time for the Big Dogs to eat. I know you have all been waiting for football season and to get the WINNING information from Big Jim so we will stop all the chatter and get on with Big Jim’s Preseason top 10 +1 picks.
The Plus 1

#122 tam college aggies

This is the first year of the $75 million dollar experiment. Jimbo with the jumbo contract. This will go down as one of the biggest failures in college football. I would say its one of the dumbest things the aggies could ever do but I’m sure they have done dumber things. I’m not sure where the thinking was on this one. Here is a coach who had some success with a seafood stealing QB and since then has watched his team fall back to the middle of the pack in the ACC which is more of JUCO conference than a Power 5 Program. Now its time for Jimbo to be welcomed to the SEC. Later in the season he will meet another team on this list, The LSU Tigers. A team that has not only owned the aggies but has missused them like a house cat. Ranking tam college at #122 might be a bit too high.

#10 Georgia Bulldogs

The Bulldogs are like a cheap suit. You put it on the first time and things look great…..until it starts to unravel. They were a fluke last year in getting to the National Championship but we all saw what happened when they had to go see Nick Satan from the SEC West. It was all over but the crying even before the kick off. I think Nick was paid a little more just to keep the game interesting. This year Big Jim doesn’t see them getting past South Carolina or Kentucky. The #10 preseason Ranking is more for the miracle they pulled off last year. With Nick Chubb taking their only offensive weapon to the NFL this could prove to be a very dissappointing year  for Bulldog fans.

#9 Oklahoma Sooners

The Sooners watched their coach leave last year and were very worried. They still had Baker Mayfield. Now that their Quarterback is waiting to be decapitated in Cleveland the Oklahoma fans don’t have much hope. They should do well enough to come in second place in the BIG 12 but that won’t get them into the College Football Playoffs. You know its 2:55 pm and OU still ????’s. I just quoting some of the other BIG 12 fans and will not allow an bias to creep in on Big Jim’s Lock Down Picks. After this year I do think we could see a new coaching search and with the genius of Les Miles still being available I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the Sooner sidelines in 2019. Its going to be a hard year but they should be able to hold on to the #9 ranking.

#8 Alabama Tide 

Since when did an elephant (their mascot) and laundry detergent have anything to do with one another. We will leave that thinking to the people of Alabama. The TV show sister wives is filmed in Utah but it has a whole new meaning in Alabama.This is the year that it falls apart for Nick Satan. I’m not going crazy and saying they will lose 10 games but this is the year when they will fall to the Power Programs of LSU, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State. Its a new era in the south and this is the beginning of the end for the Tide.

#7 Miami Hurricanes (the U)

The Miami Hurricanes might have been the most underrated and under coached program in the last 10 years. Last year we saw the new era of Mark Richt. The huge blunder that Georgia made by letting him go will become more apparent. He has brought the program back to where it should be and the future looks bright for this Power Program. They play in a pretty week conference and that should make for a pretty easy path to the Playoffs but I am not ready to give them a free pass just yet. If they can remain undefeated through week 8 I don’t see any reason they can’t get in. They could possibly be a top 4 or 5 team this year.

#6 Wisconsin Badgers

The Badgers get no respect. They are a Power Program playing in one of the top 4 Power Conferences, yet they still don’t get the respect they deserve. This year all of that will change. This year they will face New Mexico, Nebraska and Michigan. All Power Programs that the Badgers should handle easily and possibly propel them into one of the Playoff spots. This will be the year of the Badger and this year they are coming for their respect.

#5 Auburn Tiger

Its difficult to build and elite program in a state like Alabama but Gus Malzahn has managed to do it. The offense and defense look to be impressive this year. With teams like the Tide and Miss State not being as good as thew once were it leaves space for the Tiger eagles to move up. They have a pretty good chance to get in the Playoffs this year but the will still have to face off against the best Programs in the SEC West in LSU and Ole Miss. Beyond those 2 top teams the SEC is looking pretty weak and this year may be the best chance for Auburn to move up.

#4 Clemson Tigers

Now we are getting into the Playoff picture and its starting to look a little more clear. While they may be the second best Tigers in the country and their stadium is better described as Happy Valley instead of Death Valley they still field a great team. There is but one reason for their rise to prominence, Coach Dabo Sweeny. He is as great of a person as he is at his job and the job is to bring National Championships back to South Carolina. They could have an undefeated season up until Playoff time but then the struggle gets real. I just don’t see them having enough firepower to get past the top 3 teams on this list.

#3 Ohio State Buckeyes

The Buckeyes and Urban Meyer are ready for another Championship run this year. This is not going to be an easy path. They have to get past TCU, Rutgers and Tulane to remain undefeated along with a few other sub standard programs. They do have a Power House Program built around one of the best quarter backs and running backs in college football. Now l have to get back to the genius mind of one the best coaches in college football., Urban Meyer. This guy just knows how to win. It doesn’t matter where he goes or who he has for players he just keeps on winning and winning is what he will do again this year.

#2 The University of Texas Longhorns

The return of Elite Status has finally come back to Texas. This year will be the perfect storm. The amazing coaching talents of Tom Herman will be on display week in and week out. One of the best college quarterbacks to ever take the field in Sam Ehliger will lead the offense for the Longhorns and with running backs Kyle Porter and Toneil Carter any opposing defense will be too afraid to drop back into coverage leaving the deep ball available for Ehlinger. On the opposite side of the ball the #3 defense in all of college football is back and ready to simply overwelm and crush any offense they face. This is the year the Longhorns return to the National stage and what better way than a trip to the National Championship Game.

#1 LSU Tigers

The number #1 Tigers in the country and the only real Death Valley stadium in the country. Nothing strikes more fear in other teams than having to come play in South Louisiana on a hot autumn night. The players and fans that live here know what it means and nothing else can prepare you for a game at Tiger Stadium. Coach O has spent the off season getting the Tiger ready to go this year. With the defense revamped and a complete spring and summer to get it dialed in they are prepared to allow the few point per game of any college football team. The biggest question was who would be the field General at the quarterback position.That question has been answered. Joe Burrow is in Baton Rouge and ready to lead this team to the promise land.
There you have it Big Jim fans. Big Jim’s Top 10 + 1. This is the year we have all been waiting for when we will finally get to see the best teams in the country face off for a National Championship. LSU vs Texas. I know you are as excited as I am. Until next time, geaux hug your mom and kiss the dog and Hook’em.
Big Jim