NFL Sixth Sunday Results

Didn’t have time to track all the games yesterday? Never fear! Red Zone Play has you covered with our patented Monday Morning Recap. As always there were lots of surprises, drama and “Did you see that?!” moments to fill the afternoon, all the way up to a sudden death overtime ending on Sunday Night Football.… Read More NFL Sixth Sunday Results

NFL Sunday Week VI

Week Six Sunday is here! While there aren’t as many marquee games today as there were last week, the lineup still has some potential history makers coming down the pike. The late round of games is about as good as it gets, with only one of the six teams having lost more than a single… Read More NFL Sunday Week VI

NFL Sunday Week Three

NFL week three began with the New England Patriots shellacking the Houston Texans in a Thursday night blowout where nothing went right for Houston and nothing went wrong for the Patriots. Today brings 14 games, many of which could profoundly shape the season going forward. While week three is too early to count anyone out… Read More NFL Sunday Week Three