Las Vegas Raiders?

All the hurdles have been cleared in the desert for son of legendary Oakland Raider owner Al Davis to move his team from Oakland to Las Vegas. Now, Mark Davis needs to potion the league for their blessing to allow the Silver and Black to relocate for the third time in four decades.

Here’s the latest news from ESPN:

Mark Davis says City of Oakland keeps dropping the ball.

The NFL owners meetings are currently underway in Houston, TX, site of Super Bowl LI at the end of this season. During the media access time of the meetings, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was asked about the Oakland-to-Vegas move and had this to say:

Goodell: We had presentations from all three of the California teams this morning on the status of their efforts to get stadiums built. We also heard from the Atlanta Falcons on their efforts to get their stadium completed for next season. So that was a normal part of our meeting. As it specifically relates to the Raiders presentation, it was informative. It was factual. The membership had an opportunity to ask questions and the chairman of the committee — Art Rooney — made it very clear that this is something that is a significant focus of the stadium committee, has been and will be going forward. There’s still a great deal of information we need to gather with respect to the circumstances that we see in Las Vegas, the opportunities and also the challenges. So those are the things that we’ll look at through the committee and report back to them maybe as early as December, but more likely later than that.

Rumors have it that the only hesitation from the League is wrapped up in moving a team from a large market such as the Oakland/San Francisco area into a smaller market such as Las Vegas.

Goodell addressed that here: Goodell Speaks on Raiders Move to Vegas

Other rumors swirl around the more insidious/drama-filled storyline that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, the man allegedly reported as having pushed the Rams to LA deal ahead of the Chargers and Raiders relocation plans last year, is trying to force Davis to sell his father’s team.

As the alleged reports go, Jones doesn’t feel Davis has what it takes to turn the Raiders back into a big ticket draw for the NFL to continue inflating their brand as a dominate entertainment draw – despite the fact that Jones helped St. Louis owner Stan Kroenke hi-jack Al Davis’s plan for building an NFL palace in Southern California, a plan Kroenke is acting on at this very moment.

While it’s still up in the air how this one will turn out, one thing’s for sure, the Raiders seem to always be embroiled in off field drama, even though the younger Davis is about as drama free as an NFL owner can get.

Stay tuned for more on this as the news becomes available.



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