TNF Recap: Packers Break Hoyer, Fix Rodgers

Chicago Bears 10 Green Bay Packers 26

When it was announced Packers’ running back Eddie Lacy was going to miss significant time with an ankle injury, things looked grim for Green Bay. But last night Aaron Rodgers not only threw for three touchdowns, but set an all-time Packers completion record, hitting 39 of 56 passes for 326 yards.

While Rodgers looked sloppy at times, making many wonder what was going wrong, he managed to pull it together in the second half and piece up the Bears secondary.

The Bears, meanwhile, can’t seem to keep a quarterback on the field, as Brian Hoyer suffered a broken arm when Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews did a meet-and-greet in the pocket, smashing Hoyer off his feet and driving him into the turf.

Without Hoyer, the 31st ranked Chicago offense went downhill even further, as third stringer Matt Barkley only completed eight of 15 attempts – which doesn’t sound too bad, except two of his completions were to Packers defenders…

With Chicago and Pittsburgh now looking for back up QB help, expect recently benched Ryan Fitzpatrick’s trade stock to go through the roof this week.

Da Bears fall to 1-6 as the Pack improves to 4-2. Chicago head coach John Fox may not be able to sit down soon, as his seat has to be warming up as fast as anyone’s in the league.