Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week!

Editors Note: Thanks to YOU Red Zone Play is growing so quickly we had to sign some all-pro free agents to add depth! Beginning this week, Jim Anders, son of Texas high school coaching legend Ron Anders, and long time NCAA football fanatic will be right here giving you his insight, opinions and NCAA LOCKDOWN PICKS OF THE WEEK!

Welcome to the first in a long line of weekly traditions for NCAA gridiron glory! I know you’re not here to hear about me, or my love of Llamas, pickup trucks or Llamas driving pickup trucks, so let’s just dive right in.

Here we go with this Saturday’s Lock Down Picks of the Week! Get your popcorn ready because this weekend is going to bring all that and a little more. Don’t miss out on an awesome opportunity to be that big winner.

1. Alabama over texas a&m

Yes the disrespect of the aggies continues by picking them to lose every week and by never capitalizing their name, but hey if your an aggie you’re probably used to it. This was a tough pick because while I normally don’t pick ‘Bama to win I don’t pick them to lose either – but I couldn’t pass up picking the Tide to wash all over the uncompetent aggies (yes, I know incompetent doesn’t start with a U, but at that university, good spelling is as challenging as good football).

2. TCU over WVU

TCU takes down the Mountaineers. 5-0 may sound like they are a good team but how many times have the aggies and cowboys been 5-0 only to lose the next 5 in a row. TCU has hit a few bumps in the road but they’re ready to drop 60 points on somebody and why not expose WVU this weekend?

3. LSU over Ole Miss

LSU wins this one big. Coach O is trying to cement his place as the head coach of the Tigers and is going on a winning streak of legendary proportions in the SEC. The LSU defense is going to make Chad Kelly wish he was back at East Central South Mississippi Community College. You can probably call LSU to win out the season and take the SEC championship. That’s where my money will be.

4. Texas Tech over OU

This one has you scratching your head but its 9:50 am and OU still sucks. This is going to be a shoot out. Neither team has a defense, but the Red Raiders high flying offense should be overwhelming to the slow grind-it-out running game of OU. The real money says Stoops’ days are numbered in Oklahoma, so the two of you still rootin’ for him should get off that band wagon and find a real team to support.

5. Texas over Kansas State.

This is where Charlie Strong starts to save his job! (Or at least make it to the end of the season.) The ‘Horns are headed into Kansas with a chip on their shoulder. The season started off looking like they were National Champions then it unraveled quickly. Now after storming all over the Iowa State Cyclones last week they are looking to get back into the FBS playoff talks. Good luck Charlie and Hook’em!

6. Arkansas over Auburn

The Razorbacks will run wild in this match up. Seriously if a team can’t pick a mascot I don’t expect much from them on the field. What is a war eagle anyway? And is it at war with the tiger? What are they smoking over there? Auburn Tigers Go War Eagle! Who are you people pulling for? If the playbook is as confusing as the chants, expect more uncompetence in this one. That aside, the Razorbacks are just too strong this year and could challenge for the SEC Crown.

Well, there ya have it, week one of Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week. Make sure to swing by next week for more knowledge, lockdown picks and maybe I’ll even bring my Llama.