Thursday Night Football WK VIII (Jaguars v Titans)

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-4) at Tennessee Titans (3-4)

While the Houston Texans are limping along with the one of the worst passing offenses in NFL Monday Night Football history and the Colts are spitting and sputtering through the season, the door still remains open for both of these sub .500 teams to rise up and take the division crown away from the two teams that have had a stranglehold on the AFC South for nearly a decade.

At one point in time, Titan’s QB Marcus Mariota was the prize in the NFL draft and Jacksonville’s Blake Bortles was seen as the savior of the long floundering Jaguars. But, while each has shown flashes of brilliance, they’ve not risen to the level of hype surrounding them in the past.

Their last meeting went well for Mariota who rushed for career-high 112 yards that featured a highlight reel 87-yard score and he threw for three touchdowns on his way to 118.2 QB rating.

As impressive as that sounds, Bortles pitched the pigskin for 322 yards and five touchdowns to achieve a 134.5 rating in their last matchup.

While Jacksonville did a lot to bolster their defense in the off-season, Tennessee worked on  improving their ground game.

Expect this one to be the most firework-filled, least-watched nationally televised game of the week as these two struggling franchises have at each other to claim middle of the pack status for the worst division in pro football.