TNF Recap: Titans Too Much For Jags

Jacksonville Jaguars 22 Tennessee Titans 36

While the score might seem like it was a somewhat close game, it certainly wasn’t. By halftime, the Titans had a 27-point lead. As halftime began, ex-Steeler head coach Bill Cowher was commenting on how completely out of touch with reality Jaguar head coach Gus Bradley’s pre-halftime comments were regarding the effort of his team. If any coach knows about effort, it’s Cowher.

With zero points on the board, zero defense to speak of and the wrong end of a first half blowout to one of the worst teams in the NFL, Bradley’s comments seemed to be that of a guy grasping at positive straws that just weren’t there.

Despite all the pre-game rumors, however, Jags owner Shad Khan said he’s not going to hook Bradley yet.

When your team coughs up 354 yards and 27 points, while having virtually no offense to speak of in the first two quarters of a game, you have to know your seat isn’t just hot, it’s an inferno.  When your team makes Mike Mularkey look like a head coaching genius, you may as well get your resume ready now instead of waiting for the axe to fall.

Khan shelled out a lot of dough for big money free agents in the off season and the team may actually look worse than last year’s squad. With all that in mind, the smart money says Bradley may very well be the first, of several, head coaching fires in 2016.