Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week!

Here we go again. Another great weekend of NCAA football! I’m here to help you pick the winners and be the BIG WINNER yourself.

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Ok, enough with the life advice, here’re the Lock Down Picks for the Week:

1. UCF Knights over Houston Cougars

Central Florida is on the rise. They continue to get better each week. More so than that I think that Houston has been exposed and has some problems on both sides of the ball. They started the season in the playoff talks, but have only gone down hill from there. I fear if they lose this one they may find themselves struggling to be .500 on the year. From playoffs to played out.

2. Oklahoma State Cowboys over West Virginia Mountaineers

The Cowboys are ready to dash the only dream the people of West Virginia have, that’s a playoff spot. The Mountaineers are a decent team when they are playing sub-par talent but against the monstrous offensive attack from OK State I just don’t see them being able to hold up. This week will finally end the sad discussion of how good is WVU.

3. Texas Longhorns over Baylor Bears

After beating themselves last week at Kansas State, the UT Longhorns will be looking to make a statement this week against the Bears. The freshman QB from Texas is a constant big play, deep ball threat. He is the once in a generation football player that is a rare treat for us to have the fortune of watching each week. We can only be thankful that we still get to watch for the next 3 years as he will be making multiple trips to the National Championship. Lets not forget the monster running backs and Tyrone Swoops driving that 18 wheeler package, which is more than enough to destroy Baylor’s defense.

4. Clemson Tigers over Florida State Seminoles

This is going to be a statement game for Clemson and FSU. Clemson is going to show the world why they deserve to be the #1 Program in the country and FSU will show the world why they don’t even deserve to be ranked. This could get out of hand fast for the Seminoles. Big Jim doesn’t like getting into exact numbers to often but I see this as being a 72-20 affair that is going to embarrass the SemiNOTS.

5. Texas a&m aggies over New Mexico State Lobos

Yes the aggies should win this one. I wouldn’t be surprised if they found a way to lose it though. With a recycled QB from OU they have a chance. He was smart enough to not make a&m his first choice, after all. (its 3:36pm and OU still sucks)

6. Utah Utes over Washington Huskies

The Huskies have had an easy road so far but now it gets a lot more difficult. Utah isn’t like playing the Ursinus Bears community college. Utah is playing with a chip on their shoulder and looking for some respect from the playoff committee. The Huskies have thought they had this all in the bag but this weekend they will find out how empty that bag is. The Utes will get the RESPECT they are much deserving of too.

There you have it. Things are going to get a lot more interesting over the next 6 to 7 weeks. You will see LSU back in the playoff talks. You will see Alabama fall pretty hard and Texas returning to the top 10. I will be here to let you know when it will happen so check back next week. I see some big upsets coming up soon.

So you can Hook’em, Geaux with the flow or just Roll with the Tide. We’ll see you next week.

Big Jim