Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week (11/18/16)

We have an explosive day of BIG games this weekend. It’s going to be HUGE.
If last weekend tells you anything it’s that an upset can happen to anyone at anytime.
I’m here to bring you all the upsets for this weekends games and Make College Football Great Again. The playoff committee wasn’t able to get my opinion on who should be in the top four yet or things would look a little different. I do think before it all shakes out I should be able to accurately predict who those teams will be.
However, we still have a lot of football to be played before then so lets get on with making you look like a football genius with Big Jim’s Lockdown Pick’s of the Week ™.
1. TCU Horned Frogs over Oklahoma State Cowboys
TCU is ready to play. After they destroyed The Mighty Baylor Bears a couple of weeks ago the Horned Frogs are looking to get back into the top 25. Their balanced passing and rushing attack should be too much for even the staunchest defense that the Cowboys can put on the field. The Oklahoma State record never really matters to anyone because year after year they blow it at some point making their place in the top 25 a holding spot until they can be dropped and forgotten for the next eight months. They barely got by Texas Tech last week by taking a knee multiple times at the end of the game. This week TCU will be putting a knee on the neck of the Cowboys.
2. West Virginia Mountaineers over Oklahoma Sooners
We are going to continue shaking up the rankings with the Mountaineers dismantling the Sooners. Oklahoma has not been the team they were in the 80’s for decades and I don’t see them getting back to that dominance any time soon. Sure they can stoop down and beat a few community college teams but when it comes to a National Powerhouse like West Virginia they just don’t have the talent at the coaching position or on the field. The Mountaineers know they still have a chance to get into the CFP and they will trounce the Sooners to prove they belong there. By the way, it’s 12:08 pm and OU still sucks.
3. LSU Tigers over Florida Gators
After Arkansas destroyed Florida and then LSU destroyed Arkansas you can only imagine how bad the Tigers are going to lay the smack down on the Gators. This will be a no contest in the Bayou. Leonard Fornett is going to have another legendary peroformance and Florida has no one on that defense to stop him. This is also when Etling will become a true Bayou Bengal He will go through the air for a 400 yard passing attack. This game will go down in HISTORY as one of the greatest LSU performances of all time winning BIG 63 to 20.
4. DROPPED from Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week atm aggies
The aggies may be able to fight their way back into Big Jim’s weekly pick list once they play more than a community college but for now showing up to play UT San Antonio does not rate being on this list. Come to think about I’m not sure they ever did. But it sure was entertaining to watch that #4 ranking evaporate so fast. It was like throwing a bag of ice into a volcano.
5. Texas Tech Red Raiders over Iowa State Cyclones.
Last week Iowa State proved they are a force to be reckoned with when they took down power house Kansas. I am calling this one for the Red Raiders though. Tech took on a nationally ranked Super Power In Oklahoma State and was only lost by one point when the Cowboys played scaredy cat football taking a knee multiple times at the end of the game instead of scoring and allowing the Raiders to get the ball back again. It was a pitiful thing to watch. I think Tech is mad about it and is coming in to wreck’em. It doesn’t matter how strong the Iowa State defense is this year, I think the all powerful Red Raider offense will be able to over come it and bring home the win.
6. Texas Longhorns over Kansas Jayhawks LOCK OF THE WEEK ALERT
Texas is looking to make a statement in the closing weeks of the season and that’s just what they will do when they take on the Football Factory at Kansas. The Jayhawks will bring everything they have including a huge home field advantage. No matter what they throw at the ‘Horns I think Texas will prevail in this street fight. Forman will mount a HUGE rushing attack and the young freshman QB will be bringing that deep ball threat all afternoon. The battle in the trenches should be won by Texas even though both of these teams have massive and powerful front lines. I will have to call a final score of Texas 72 Kansas 17.
Well there you have it fans. Another Friday of preparing for game day with Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week. Some more massive football knowledge and insight into the game. I study for hours and hours every week to make sure and bring you the best information, the winning information. Be sure to share with your friends and make them the big winners too. I will be back next week with even more big games and upsets. Here’s to hoping that the aggies will be in a game actually worthy of being on Big Jim’s pick list. Until then have a great weekend. I’m going to give Les a call and see if he wants to grab some chicken fried steak.
Big Jim