Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week (Turkey Day Edition!)

Here we go. It’s Thanksgiving week and it’s a monster weekend for college football. Now is the time to eat some ham, turkey, stuffing with gravy and pick the winning games. I’ve done the research, made the phone calls and talked to the key players and coaches. I did all that just so you can sleep soundly knowing Big Jim is on your side – unless you’re an aggie, then, I’m pretty sure you’re screwed.

Make sure to share Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week with your family and be the King at the Turkey table. Lets get on with it. We are here one day early so you don’t miss out on any of the HUGE WINNING PICKS.
1. LSU Tigers over atm aggies

Wow is all I can say about last week’s aggie game. They barely survived against a community college football team. This week is going to be brutal for the aggies. They have no way to stop the Tigers rushing attack and even less chance of stopping Etling who many think is the next Tom Brady in the making. Leonard Corbett will secure his position as the number one draft pick this week and coach O’s offensive genius will earn him the permanent head coaching position.
LSU 56 aggies 10

2. Iowa Hawkeyes over Nebraska Cornhuskers

Lets just start with it being much better to be a Hawkeye than one who husks corn. That little tidbit being said, let me explain this pick. Iowa has been disrespected in the rankings all year. Nobody thinks they can win yet they continue to knock off top teams week after week. Nebraska has been over ranked this season and the pundits continue to ride with them each game day. This week that ship gets righted. The Hawkeyes will be feasting on a field of corn.

3.Texas Longhorns over TCU Horned Frogs. LOCK OF THE WEEK ALERT

The Longhorns will be playing an inspired game to send their coach away on a high note. Foreman will run wild on a tough TCU defense but he will be impossible to stop. The young freshman quarterback is going to look like a seasoned veteran and will probably set school passing records in this game. TCU has one of the best defenses in all of college football but going against UT with one of the strongest offenses in history will make this a no contest.
UT 72 TCU 26

4. Michigan Wolverines over Ohio State Buckeyes

This is a battle of will. Michigan is going to impose their will and OSU doesn’t have the will to stop them. Urban Meyer may be the better coach but the Buckeye players are not built like him. This is going to be the Big Blue show. Ohio state has snuck into a national championship and the playoffs for the last couple of years but this year Michigan shuts that down.

5. Auburn Tigers (War Eagles, whatever they call themselves) over Alabama Crimson Tide

This is the one that shocks the world. Bama has been marching through the SEC and destroying everyone. This week is that week. The week that everyone waits for. The week that ‘Bama gets beat. It doesn’t matter what the records or rankings are when the player hit the gridiron. This is ‘Bama vs Auburn. This is the Super Bowl of the South. This is where ‘Bama gets beat and the Tigers get the win. Go War Eagle- unless they came up with a third nickname for this game, then GO! Whatever The Third Nickname Is! Maybe they could sell the third nickname naming rights to a corporate sponsor. Like pro teams do with stadiums. The Auburn AT&Ts! or maybe the Auburn AutoZones…

6. Iowa State Cyclones over West Virginia Mountaineers 

Iowa state set the stage to become a national power house last week when they took down Texas Tech 66-10. That was the shocker of all shockers. Now Iowa state is looking to build on that momentum by trashing the Mountaineers. West Virginia had their dreams snuffed out last week when they lost to OU. They didn’t really lose so much as they were used like a recycled Kleenex in an old folk’s home. Now that the Mountaineers have had their backs broken they should be easy pickens for the surging Cyclones.
I know we normally pick six for the week but with all there is to be thankful for I give you not one but two bonus games. FOR FREE! BOOM! You’re already winning!

7. Florida Gators over Florida State Seminoles

This is an interesting game but I have to give it to the Gators. FSU players know that their coach is headed to LSU at the end of the season and don’t see much to play for now besides personal glory. No playoffs. No bowl game other than some toilet bowl and no more Jimbo. The Seminoles just won’t show up this week. Remember that Oregon playoff game a couple of years ago, this will be worse.

8. Texas Tech Red Raiders over Baylor Bears

Texas Tech is looking for a signature win after getting pummeled by National Powerhouse Iowa state last week. The best offense in the country was held to 10 points by one of the best defenses in the country. This week they seek supreme domiance over Baylor. Let’s not forget that Baylor has basically given up on football since they are looking at the NCAA death penalty very soon. Then again what would you expect from a from a small town that would be better suited sitting in central Oklahoma.

Well there you have it folks. All the Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week. Share with the family. Share with your friends. Share with the boss and get a big raise. Everyone loves a winner but they remember the one who made them a winner. Next week I have another bonus for you. Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week Coaching Picks. Who will be coaching where next year. I have been in contact with the athletic directors at all the BIG programs and know who is going where. Plus coming soon will be Big Jim’s Lockdown Draft Picks. Find out where your favorite college player will be drafted. Once I post it there will be no reason to watch the draft. I will let you know well ahead of time.

On another note I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. Give your mom a hug, tell your sister you love her and watch some football with dad. I give thanks for my family and friends everyday. To all the fans of Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week I am thankful for you too, and never forget to thank the Big Guy upstairs. Amen.