Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week (12/3/2016)

Well here we go. It’s time for Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week.

This is Conference Championship week! Get pumped!

I know why you all stop by. You are wanting to know who will be in the final four. Who is going to be in the FBS Playoffs and who is going to be left out in the cold and by the looks of it Les Miles is looking a little chilly. Lets not worry about the Mad Hatter just yet. Being one of the smartest and most talented coaching minds in the game there is no doubt he will end up at a major program very soon. Big Jim isn’t ready to get into all these coaching changes just yet so let’s get on with the picks. I have studied the games hard this week and have some great information for you, so get ready to be the BIG WINNER.

Oklahoma State Cowboys over Oklahoma Sooners

After being treated like the second class program in the state for so many years the Cowboys are looking for a dominate game over the Sooners and there is no better time to do it than this week. A major blowout win for Oklahoma State will surely launch them into the College Playoff top Four for sure. With as well as they have been playing lately they could go all the way. Besides, it’s 11:41 am and OU still sucks.

Florida Gators over Alabama Crimson Tide

It’s the law of averages. You can’t win every time. Alabama thinks they are coasting to another National Championship and Lane Kiffin has his mind on where he will be the head coach next year. Florida has been poised for a massive strike and this will be the week. They showed just how dominate they can be in the biggest games of the year when they beat THE LSU TIGERS. The same Tigers that almost knocked off ‘Bama earlier this year. I will call this one Florida 37 Bama 21.

Virginia Tech Hokies over Clemson Tigers

Clemson loves to barely skate by in close games but that wont be the case in this one. The Hokies are known for getting out to a fast start and a big lead in the first quarter. In this case probably 35 to 7 before halftime. Clemson will mount a fierce comeback in the fourth quarter but with shaky quarterback play it just wont be enough magic this week. Hokies 52 Tigers 41

Penn State Nittany Lions over Wisconsin Badgers

Everyone wanted to write them off and many players left due to a very bad and evil man. Penn State has showed their resolve and ability to fight through all the noise and find a way to win. They are playing in the Big 10 Championship against a very good Wisconsin team. However this is the Penn State that totally destroyed Ohio State. This game will pave their way to a playoff bid and a National Championship

Your final 4 and in the Playoffs

Virginia Tech
Penn State
Oklahoma State

There you have it. College football glory. You have the winners. Share with your friends and family and be the BIG WINNER. I will see you all soon for Big Jim’s Lockdown Bowl Picks.

Big Jim