Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week: Bowl Season Edition!

Big Jim here with picks for the biggest bowl games of the season. I know you didn’t think because the regular season was over we were done with Big Jim’s Lock Down Picks of the Week. I let the toilet bowls go by and now I’m back – right in time to make you all WINNERS.

Just like I brought you all the major upset through the year and just like telling you where the coaching changes would be, #HERMANHORNS , I am now going going to impart the biggest Bowl upsets the NCAA has ever seen. Let’s get to it and don’t forget to share with your boss and get that promotion.

1. Michigan over FSU

Jimbo Fisher is going to feel silly about missing out on the LSU job when they get completely blown out this week. FSU has had it easy playing in the Stay Puff soft ACC and now has to go and play a BIG 10 massive powerhouse Michigan. Harbaugh has the Wolverines ready to get after it at a whole new level while Fisher’s crew looks at this season as the failure it is for playing in such a weak conference. This is going to get out of hand quickly. FSU won’t pass the 5o yard line in the first three quarters while Michigan is putting up its first 52 points. I will call a final score in this game Michigan 66 FSU 7. A whole new pitiful beating for an already pitiful program.

2. LSU over Louisville

After talking to Leonard Fournette I understand why he is sitting out this game. He didn’t want to over shine the new LSU program. The new era of Ed Ogeron and Radius Guice. The future Tiger Royalty. The beating that Houston put on the Cardinals was nothing short of back breaking. They have given up on the year and really have no interest in even being here. They unfortunately thought they were a better team than they ever were and now they are not looking forward to this Bayou Bengal Beat Down. The Tigers are coming to play. They are ready to say we have the best coach in the SEC and he is going to unleash a beast of a Tiger running back in Darius Guice to just abuse a weak defense. Big Jim is here to tell you that Guice will rush for over 250 yards in this lopsided 52 to 10 win for The Louisiana State University.

Now we are down to what you have all been waiting for. The College Football Playoff picks. I have been in discussion with the right people to expand the playoffs to 8 teams. It will be the five Power conference Champions, if you call the Pac 12 and the ACC Power conferences, and three at large committee chosen teams. With The University of Texas having a new coach they would sweep the playoffs this year and would probably be a committee pick and there is no way the Big 10 Champion Penn State shouldn’t be in the playoffs. This year we are stuck with four teams so I am here to give you this year’s winners. Let’s get on with it.

3. Washington over Alabama

WHAT!!! You think I am crazy but this is a well thought out and analyzed pick. Nick Saban has gotten old. All the while his genius OC was scoring like crazy he was telling him “just run the ball Lane”. No wonder Kiffin almost bolted for U of H. Pretty much the bottom of the barrel conference. I guess you could go Division 2 if you wanted less clout. Washington is ready to announce their arrival to the national stage. They have been trying to prove they deserve their ranking all year and in this game they will prove it. This won’t be a blow out, it will be a fight until the fourth quarter when the Tide finally goes flat. Final score 31 to 21 Washington.

4. Clemson over Ohio State University

Dabo Sweeny. Enough said right there. He is a winner in life and in everything he does. This guy just knows how to win. His players respond to him and will be ready to play on Saturday. He has the best quarterback playing this week and he is ready to go. Don’t think I am discounting Urban Meyer and OSU but this will be a battle of coaching. Both teams are equal when it comes to talent and ability but it comes down to who can get their team to execute and have faith in the man who is leading them and I think the team that will have that faith is following a man of faith and that is Dabo Sweeny.

Well there you have friends. This week’s BIG WINNERS. Share with your friends and family. We will be back next week for the reveal of Big Jim’s National Champion pick. It will be the lock down pick of the year. Stay tuned in the weeks ahead for Big Jim’s draft picks. Find out where the best in college football will be playing in the NFL before the NFL even knows. I hope you all had a great Christmas and I wish you all the very best in the new year.

Thanks for checking in this season and there is more to come for sure.