Big Jim’s LockDown Picks of the Week – 9/1/17

Here we go. Big Jim here with your Lockdown Picks of the week. Take them to the bank, tell your friends and coworkers. GREATNESS awaits and it’s time for you to share these picks and be known as a football genius. This week we have a couple of upsets and a couple that will come as no surprise, but it is week one and the real competition still lays ahead of us later in the season. Enough with how good I will make you all look this year with your football knowledge let’s get on with the Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week.

UCLA over atm aggies

That’s right friends, the aggies take a loss on week one. They normally schedule a cream puff early schedule and this year is no different but this year they are just that bad that they will get beat week one by UCLA. There was talk about Kevin Sumlin being on the hot seat if he doesn’t do well this year. I don’t find that to be accurate. Over the course of history, the aggies average 7-5 seasons so why all of the sudden would they need to be great now? I think if they win 6 games the aggies will be happy and continue to talk about next year… or the one after that… or the one after… well, you get the picture.

Florida Over Michigan

Some of you may think this is a crazy pick but I can see the genius in it – and so can you if you’re willing to open your mind to the all-knowing magic of Big Jim. Michigan lost eight players to the draft last year and that’s going to hurt. They do have some young talent on the team but that’s going to take some time to develop. By week three the Wolverines should be on pace to run the rest of the table, but the first few are going to be tough. On the other side, you have legendary powerhouse Florida. They have spent a few years trying to get all the pieces into place and with the new head coach and new offensive plan they should be ready to go. Florida should easily be able to put up 400 yards with their three QB rotation while Jim Harbaugh struggles to find his team’s new identity.

LSU over BYU

I know it’s just a tune-up game but this will showcase the new Tigers running back Derrius Guice. This kid is the real deal and I would look for him to go for 250 in the opener against BYU. This game was supposed to be played in Houston but with all the flood and storms there they have moved this game back to the swamp. It’s going to be a hot humid night in New Orleans and this game is going to get out of hand fast. The Tigers should be up by 30 points at the half and finish the Cougars off 68 to 14 in a lopsided contest.


Texas Longhorns over Maryland

This is it. The first game of Tom Herman’s career as head coach of the mighty Texas Longhorns – and he has them ready to play. Maryland is coming off a rough year but they should return to their traditional POWER PROGRAM form this year. It’s just tough for them that they have to encounter one of the best teams in the country on week one in a game when Herman and the ‘Horns want to make a statement. For years coaches at UT would hold the offense back a little and only score enough points to get the WIN. This year is going to be different. They are taking the leash off and that scoring machine is going to come to life. The defense has many returning starters and will be crushing to Maryland’s body and spirit. This is going to set the bar at Texas for the rest of the season. Winning this contest 72-3 will set a bar the rest of their opponents fear all season long.


FSU over Alabama

You saw it here first. Jimbo Fisher is a better coach than Nick Satan. Florida State is a better team than Alabama. Combine those two things and you have the winning team right in front of you. I realize that FSU only plays in the ACC and Bama is in the SEC but you saw what happened last year in the Bowl Series. The SEC got swept out the door. This game will be the best one to watch this week as far as a hard fought battle goes, but in the end the Tide will get rolled and they will have a healthy FEAR of the SPEAR.

Well there you have it friends. Big Jim’s Lockdown Pick of the Week for week one. Enjoy the return of the game we all love and check back next week for week two with all new picks and upsets.

On a side note if we could all remember how blessed we are to sit down and watch football this weekend. The city of Houston has been crushed with tornadoes and flooding for days now. Many families looking ahead at a long road before they have a home to sit down in.

If you can find it in your heart go here WeAreChurchUnlimited/Harvey and drop a few bucks in the plate to help those folks out. It’s not only for Houston but the entire Gulf Coast that was damaged by Hurricane Harvey. These folks are on the ground and every penny of your donation goes straight to helping the hurting, not increasing some company’s bottom line.

While you’re at it throw a prayer in there too.

From the bottom of my heart a BIG thanks from BIG JIM.

See You next week,

Big Jim