Listed below are the final individual and team preseason leaders in the AFC and NFC.

Running back COREY GRANT of the Jacksonville Jaguars was the NFL preseason rushing leader with 191 rushing yards. Rookie wide receiver DEDE WESTBROOK of the Jaguars led the league in receiving yards with 288. The leading passer was Dallas Cowboys rookie quarterback COOPER RUSH with a 135.9 passer rating.

The Seattle Seahawks finished the 2017 preseason with the top-ranked offense, averaging 408.8 yards per game. The Baltimore Ravens led the league in defense with a 206.3 yards-per-game average.



Individual Team


Touchdowns Henry, Ten., AFC 3   Total Offense Seattle, NFC 408.8
  2 tied, NFC 3     New England, AFC 394.8
Rushing Yards Grant, Jax., AFC 191   Points New England, AFC 115
  Artis-Payne, Car., NFC 180     Seattle, NFC 111
Rushing TDs Artis-Payne, Car., NFC 3   Rushing Yds. Carolina, NFC 139.0
  5 tied, AFC 2   Per Game Jacksonville, AFC 138.8
Longest Run Grant, Jax., AFC 79t   Rushing TDs Denver, AFC 5
from Scrimmage Beathard, SF, NFC (R) 62t     Carolina, NFC 5
Passer Rating Rush, Dal., NFC (R) 135.9   Pass Attempts Philadelphia, NFC 175
  Sloter, Den., AFC (R) 125.4     Buffalo, AFC 164
Passing Yards Simms, Atl., NFC    613   Completions Philadelphia, NFC 115
  Allen, Jax., AFC 516     New England, AFC 103
Passing TDs Rush, Dal., NFC (R) 6   Passing Yards New England, AFC 282.3
  Fales, Mia., AFC 5   Per Game Seattle, NFC 274.3
Receptions Carr, NE, AFC (R) 14   Passing TDs New England, AFC 10
  Lewis, NO, NFC 14     2 tied, NFC 9
Receiving Yards Westbrook, Jax., AFC (R) 288   Fewest Sacks Dallas, NFC 4
  K. Williams, Sea., NFC 208   Allowed Miami, AFC 5
Receiving TDs Byrd, Car., NFC 3   Most 2-Point 3 tied, AFC 1
  9 tied, AFC 2   Conversions 6 tied, NFC 1
Longest Rec. Stringfellow, Mia., AFC (R) 99t   Total Defense Baltimore, AFC 206.3
  Mostert, SF, NFC 87t     New Orleans, NFC 235.5

Punt Return


Davis, GB, NFC




Pts. Allowed/Game


Cleveland, AFC



Average Reynolds, Bal., AFC 15.0     New Orleans, NFC 10.3
Kickoff Return Bolden, Jr., SF, NFC (R) 34.4   Rushing Yds. Baltimore, AFC 66.8
Average D. Thomas, KC, AFC 32.8   Allowed/Game New Orleans, NFC 74.3
Punting Average Kaser, LAC, AFC 51.6   Rushing TDs 3 tied, AFC 0
  Wing, NYG, NFC 47.8   Allowed Seattle, NFC 0
Points McManus, Den., AFC 41   Passing Yards Baltimore, AFC 139.5
  Walsh, Sea., NFC 39   Allowed/Game Washington, NFC 158.0
Field Goals McManus, Den., AFC 10   Passing TDs 3 tied, AFC 1
  Walsh, Sea., NFC 9   Allowed 2 tied, NFC 2
Interceptions Kendricks, Phi., NFC 3   Interceptions Pittsburgh, AFC 7
  3 tied, AFC 2     2 tied, NFC 7
Sacks Willis, Cin., AFC (R) 4   Sacks New York Jets, AFC 17
  Muhammad, NO, NFC (R) 4     New Orleans, NFC 17

*(R) – Rookie