Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week – 9/28/2017

Here we go friends, another GENIUS week of picks brought to you a day early due to the University of Texas Longhorns playing on Thursday night. I never want you to miss out on being the big winner. I have some great inside information this week and what I am sure is going to be “Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week” perfection. Last week was a great week when right here we called 3 winners and look to build on that streak by going 6 for 6 this week. Enough with all the praise I get for being a football pick Guru. Let’s get on with this weeks games.

Washington State over USC
USC has been riding high on their undefeated season so far, but that will end this week when they have to meet the Cougars. Washington State has been playing lights out football this year and looks to shut off the power to the Trojans. The Cougars have the best quarterback that no one has heard of and is looking to get him into the Heisman conversation with a win of the pretty boy Darnold over at USC. This will be another close one for the Trojans but this time they run out of clock. Washington State 41 USC 38
Texas Tech over Oklahoma State
That’s right Big Jim is calling for the Red Radars to upset the Cowboys this week. Oklahoma State was looking good at the beginning of the season when they beat a few JUCO programs. Last week they faced one of the better teams from the great state of Texas and got exposed. This week Texas Tech will be bringing their high powered offense and a shut down defense. I’m looking for the college Cowboys to look just as pitiful as the Pro Cowboys in a lopsided loss. Texas Tech 53 Oklahoma State 41
South Carolina over Tam college
The Gamecocks have found their MOJO again. After Steve Superior left in the middle of the night a couple of years ago things seemed pretty bleak for this once storied and honored program. Fast forward to today and they have their SWAGGER back. Mean while over in college station the players are just trying to secure enough wins to keep their coach from being fired. It’s sad to say those boys will put another nail in his coffin this week. The aggies do have a chance of a .500 season this year but that’s to be expected when you play half your games against DIII schools. South Carolina 51 Tam college 28
Alabama over Ole Miss
Yes I know that I may be stating the obvious in this one but it’s still a good rivalry match up. Ole Miss is still reeling from last week’s beating and they know they have nothing to play for once the sanctions come down from the NCAA. I don’t think that really matters much though. The Rebels have never really had an answer when Tide Rolls in with Nick Satan at the helm.
LSU over Troy
The Tigers had a close game last week against Syracuse. They have had a tough season trying to work out a few bugs with a new offense and defense. Even with Troy being a NATIONAL POWER HOUSE program I think that LSU is ready for them this week. Etling will catch them off guard with the deep ball a few times and Derrius Guice is always good for another 250 yards on the ground. This one will get out of hand fast as the Tigers put 73 on the scoreboard this week.
University of Texas over Iowa State.
Danger danger danger. This is always a DANGEROUS game for the Longhorns. They play in Ames , Iowa and on a Thursday night. I know none of it feels right and there has been a few times they have been caught asleep in this match up. Plus this year Iowa State is looking to get back into the Nation Championship talk and would love a win over a National Power House program like Texas. Coach Herman understands all of this and has his squad ready to go. There will be a few new looks on offense to shake things up and the Horns will be bringing their lights out, shut down ,lock down defense to town. I really look for this to be a conference tune up game as we get the HONOR of watching the Longhorns of the future. Texas 63 Iowa State 10
Well there you have friends. What I am sure will be 6 out of 6,” Big Jim’s Lockdown Pick of the Week” perfection. Remember to share with everyone you know so they know that you know football. Have a great week and enjoy the game we all love. I will be standing tall and see you all back here next week for a whole new insight in to college football.
Big Jim