Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks Of The Week – 10.6.17

Here we go again friends. Its time for you favorite part of the week. Big Jim is here with your Lockdown Picks of the Week. Could this day get any better. We had a few surprises last week and we got to see Troy take its new position and a National Championship Contender. This week I have been in close contact with a few major program and have some great inside information to make you the BIG WINNER. Enough with my football GENIUS lets get on with the picks and WINNING.

Michigan State over Michigan  **UPSET OF THE WEEK ALERT**

This is one of those special games we look forward to every year. Michigan State vs Michigan is always one to watch. This is a battle for the North. This year Michigan has been having some success and is high in the rankings and while Michigan State has only one loss on the season they can’t seem to crack the Top 25. That will all change this week. Michigan State is coming to get the respect they deserve and in their path the Wolverines will fall. This will be the second best game of the week. Spartans 41 Wolverines 40.

West Virginia over TCU

The dream run had to end at some point and this is the week it ends for the Frogs. TCU has enjoyed some success against the low hanging fruit of NCAA football this year but this week its a real game. The Mountaineers are coming to town and bringing their punishing brand of football with them. West Virginia’s air raid passing attack will be way to much for the Horned Frogs to handle with their weak secondary. It will be a fun high scoring affair as neither team has much more than a Pop Warner defense but the way Big Jim see’s it the Mountaineers will sit at the top of the Peak when the final whistle is blown. West Virginia 52 TCU 38.

Oklahoma over Iowa State

Every once in a while Big Jim gets a pick wrong. I hope that’s the case this week. Oklahoma is likely to run over the Cyclones much the way Texas did last week. I guess its a good thing that they have football in Oklahoma because there is not much else there to be happy about. It’s a little like being from Waco. (they wish they could forget about football) If the Iowa state quarterback can get on a roll this could turn out to at least be an interesting game but more than likely going to be another boring win for the Sooners. By the way what is a Sooner.

Alabama over Tam College

I know that Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week readers are some of the smartest people on the PLANET. You may even say why would Big Jim even call a game that is SO obvious. Well its not that often that we end up with a game that is going to be such an EPIC beating that it deserves attention from Big Jim. My friends that will be the case this week. Tam stand no chance of winning this game. I really don’t think they even have a chance to score this week. If Coach Sumlin still has a job after this week it will be a real surprise. I will just get down to it with a final score. Nick Satan and the Tide score 73 in the total destruction of the aggies who by the way score 0.

LSU over Florida

The LSU Tigers are MAD. They are being called something that no man from South Louisiana could ever stomach. Something so vile that most men walking the earth couldn’t handle. They are being called something so pitiful even a few aggies may find it as an insult. After last weeks loss, to National Powerhouse Troy, they are being called SOFT. I know you are all just as shocked as Big Jim. It something I thought I would never hear in this life or the next one. This week they will find redemption. The face the Florida Gators. Two MONSTER programs from the swamps. Its going to be a battle for the ages. This week Derrius Guice will be back on the field after having to sit out last week with an injury and he is ready to run for 250 yards if not more. This is going to be one of the best games of the week. LSU 41 Florida 38.


The Texas Longhorns are on a roll. They destroyed Iowa State last week and are ready to handle business against the Wildcats. This has been a dangerous game for the Horns in years past but not this year. Texas is on a roll and looking like a National Championship contender. I could still see Texas running the table through the Big 12 and getting into the College Football Playoffs. This week we are hoping to see Sam Ehlinger slinging the ball all over the place but Coach Herman is keeping the starting QB a secret right up until game time. No matter who the starter ends up being The Eyes of Texas will be shining down on the Longhorns for this win. Texas 48 Kansas State 21

There you have Big Jim Fans. All the football GENIUS and KNOWLEDGE BOMBS I have to drop on you. This is going to be a great week but the best weeks of the season are still ahead of us. I will be onsite during the Alabama vs Tam college game this week and should have some good pictures for you all next week. I will probably run into a few aggies when I pass through the What-a-Burger drive through. I will be back next week with all new Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week. Until then hug your mom and kiss the dog and definitely watch some football.

Big Jim