Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week 10.13.17

Here we go again friends. Its time for another installment of Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week. I know you have all been holding your breath waiting to see who the BIG WINNERS will be this week so that you can also be the BIG WINNER too. The time is no upon us. I am here to share my pure football genius and KNOWLEDGE BOMBS with you all. I have been in touch with a couple of coaches this week and have some great information on how these match ups will play out along with some stunning upsets. Enough with all the PRAISE for Big Jim and how much he makes your lives better each week, lets get on with the Picks.
Kansas State over TCU
Its been a good ride for TCU so far this season but the string of sup-par talented teams had to come to an end at some point. This week they will see BIG 12 powerhouse Kansas State. If last weeks K-state game told us anything, it’s that they are for real. They have a massive offense and defense to match. They barely lost to one of the best teams in the nation. In what should have been a blow out they were able to get the game into overtime before the OVERPOWERING strength of Texas finally crushed their hopes and dreams. This week they are coming in like the ANGRY caged Wildcat they are. It looks like the Horned Frogs will be a small snack for this hungry team.
Texas Tech over West Virginia
The Red Radars are looking more and more like the National Champs they have always WANTED to be. This won’t be that year for them either but they will get a win this week over the Mountaineers. West Virginia started the season Ranked and hoping for greatness but hope and $7.00 will get you some coffee. The Red Radars don’t play much defense but neither do the Mountaineers. This week Tech will have their Air Raid offense on full display and should win this track meet in an entertaining fashion. Texas Tech 63 West Virginia 48
Florida over Tam college
For all those Tam college fans who started to believe last week. You thought we almost won. Just like the Tam graduate almost got me to up size my fries in the drive thru. It was all to no avail on either count. The skill level just wasn’t their on the field or in the the drive thru. This is going to be a hard week to be an aggie. After Florida took a total beating from LSU last week they are coming into this game angry and ready to take it out on the football field. I can see this one getting ugly and out of hand fast. Florida 73 Tam college 10
Arkansas over Alabama
This is the week that turns the season upside down. This is the week that the Tide gets Rolled. Last week Alabama barely got past a very soft and weak Tam college, but that win exposed them to the rest of the college football world. The Razorbacks have been looking for their signature win this season and its going to happen this week. With one of the softer offensive lines in the SEC Alabama will NOT be able to hold off the sack monsters from Arkansas. In turn I can see the Arkansas’s offensive front totally dominating the porous defensive front of the Tide allowing for a season high number of rushing yards. This is going to be a tough fun game to watch but Nick Satan goes down. Arkansas 41 Tide 37
LSU over Auburn
The Tigers are back on track and you BELIEVE again. Live Purple and Love Gold. This week they will break back into the Top 10 with a signature win over the hybrid eagle/war bird tiger or whatever they are over at Auburn. They are are from Alabama so it’s a population that is easily confused. LSU was called soft the week before but never again. They still have a chance to be the SEC champs and a shot at the National Championship. This is the week they start the march to greatness. LSU 38 Auburn 21
Texas vs Oklahoma is the Super Bowl of college football and the Number 1 Sporting event watched around the world for the year. While Texas is on a winning streak and regaining it’s National Championship form The Sooners are heading in the other direction. Last week they were decimated by an Iowa State team that was destroyed just one week earlier by the Longhorns. Tom Herman doesn’t lose to Ranked opponents and this week will be no different. Sam Ehlinger is going to have a career defining game with more than 500 yards through the air while Chris Warren III adds another 200 on the ground. This is the week that makes Bob Stoops happy to be retired. Texas 48 OU 31
There you have it Big Jim Fans. All of the Lockdown Picks of the Week. This is the Biggest and Best week in college football we have had this year but there is so much more yet to come.. Share all this with your closest friends and make them BIG WINNERS too. By the way if you know you know and if you don’t…….It’s 2:14 and OU still……. Have a great weekend. Hug your mom and kiss the dog and definitely watch some football.
Big Jim