Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week 10.27.17

This is the week we have been waiting for all season. This is a massive college football weekend. There are some once in a lifetime match ups that we may never see again. I have all the football GENIUS that Big Jim was able to gather for you this week and I am ready to drop KNOWLEDGE bombs on you today. Last week we called two of the BIGGEST wins ever seen in college football when Notre Dame destroyed USC and when LSU made short work of Ole Miss.This is the week Big Jim Fan’s have been waiting for all year. This week I have a 6 for 6 pick all lined up for you. Get the dog and get your popcorn ready. Its going to be a wild ride. Lets get on with this weeks picks.

North Carolina State over Notre Dame

This is game is so ripe for an up set it looks like the grape that blossomed into a raisin. NC State is like a hungry Wolf Pack eating everything in their path. This weeke they are facing an over confident Fighting Irish team that is looking to be relevant for the first time since the mid 80’s. Some day Notre Dame will actually join a conference and have to play more than two real games a year. However this year, what they thought to be a cream puff has turned into a wild animal attack. This will be one of the best games to watch this weekend as the Irish dreams of a final four disappear.
NC State 38 Notre Dame 36

Iowa State over TCU

I know the Horny Toad faithful think this is the year and that TCU never gets the respect it deserves. This is actually the best thing that could happen for TCU for and the Big 12. If by some miracle the Frogs were able to get into the final four, and get blown out 73-10 by a Penn State or Alabama, it would make the program look foolish and the Big 12 look softer than warm butter on grandma’s table. Beyond that little tid bit this is a new Iowa State Football Program. The Cyclones are playing football with the power of an F5 tornado. They have a power house offense and a defense that could stifle any JUCO school. This is going to be a fun game to watch for anyone not wearing purple.
Iowa state 41 TCU 35

Ohio State over Penn State

Things are about to be sad in Happy Valley. Penn State has been feeling pretty good about things this season but that’s about to change. The only real competition they have faced this year has been a very over rated Michigan who has now been tossed out of the top 25 like a two week old french fry on your minivan floor. Ohio State has been a juggernaut beating opponents like a butcher pounding on a cheap steak. This week it will be a hard fought battle for the Buckeyes but they will come out on top.
Ohio State 48 Penn State 42

Oklahoma State over West Virginia

The Cowboys are the real deal. This is now the FIRST CLASS program in the state. I know that’s not saying much but its a big deal if you’re from Stillwater. The Cowboys have been destroying their opponents with reckless abandon with the exception of Texas, who they were barely able to squeak by. They have the best offense in all of college football and one of the best defenses to match. This game isn’t so much about how great they are but how weak West Virginia is. The Mountaineers started off the season with high hopes and an undeserved ranking but have watch that evaporate like my paycheck at the Golf store. This will be an easy win for the Cowboys.
Oklahoma State 56 West Virginia 24

Mississippi State over Tam college
Tam college is feeling pretty good about only losing by 8 to the Tide, but that’s how it is in college station. You start to feel good about strange things like putting ketchup on a Spam sandwich. This week there will be nothing to feel good about when the Bulldogs come to town. Mississippi State is having a strong season and has played some top teams already. They are looking to get back to National Contender status. Making short work of the aggies may not mean much in the college football world, it is a good tune up game against JUCO talent to try some new schemes for the rest of the season.
Mississippi State 48 Tam college 17

Texas over Baylor
The full POWER of the Fighting Texas Longhorns will be on display in this lopsided contest. Texas knows that if it can run the table and finish the rest of the season it still has a chance to win the Big 12 title and claim a spot in the final four. They are hungry and the first thing on the menu is Bear. Baylor has lost their will to fight. They have just about lost their will to even compete. I do look for them to rebound and be a strong team in the early 2030’s but it’s just going to be a tough road until then. This week they will have to see one of the strongest dual threat quarterbacks in Sam Ehlinger. This week he could easily grab 150 yards on the ground and another 400 throwing laser beams through the air. It will be an offensive display rarely seen in football today.
Texas 73 Baylor 10

There you have it. All the BIG WINNERS for the week. Remember this is the week Big Jim goes 6 for 6 to claim a perfect record. The chance to be the big hero is few and far between. Seize that chance today. Share Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the week with all your friends, family and coworkers and be that BIG HERO. Get some donuts and diet coke for this weekend because it’s going to be wild and crazy. As always, hug your mom and kiss the dog and definitely watch some football.

Big Jim