Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week (Special Yard Bird Edition!) 11.3.2017

5-1, 5-1, 5-1. Big Jim goes 5-1 last week and shocks the WORLD. It was a wild ride in college football last week but Big Jim could see it all happening and brought it to you right here at Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week. This week we have an even more upset for you as we get ready to set the College Ranks on fire.I have some football GENIUS unseen ever before and some serious KNOWLEDGE bombs to drop on you with 5 MAJOR upsets and one win they can see coming from the Space Station. Is that thing still floating around? Enough with the praise for Big Jim’s football and Aerospace genius, lets get on with this weeks Lockdown Picks of the Week.

Have you seen my yard bird?

Iowa State over West Virginia

The Cyclones are cutting large swaths of destruction across the country. They have a grip on their top 25 ranking with the strength of a mountain goat.and for those who didn’t pay close attention they are also in first place in the Big 12, the last true POWER conference left in college football. This week they face a struggling West Virginia team clinging to any hope they have to get into a Bowl game not sponsored by a plumbing company. This week is going to be rough for the Mountaineers. You know what happens when a cyclone hits a mountain? I don’t either but it can’t be a good thing.
Iowa State 48 West Virginia 31

NC State over Clemson

The Wolf pack had a minor set back last week against the Irish but are looking to get back to their Championship form this week. They are facing an over rated Clemson team. Then again what ACC team is not over rated. This week Clemson is is going to be like a deer in the headlights, like a llama being lead to slaughter. North Carolina State has never received the respect it deserves as a National Powerhouse Program but that is all changing this year. They still have hopes of making it into the Top Four in the College Football Playoff Rankings and this week they take one step closer.
NC State 41 Clemson 34

Oklahoma State over Oklahoma

This is it, the BIGGEST weekend in the state of Oklahoma. The Premier program, Oklahoma State is up against its ugly step sister OU. I have never found a reason to visit the state and hopefully never will, but if I was stuck there for a weekend I could at least be entertained by this contest. The Cowboys have done well this year and have only suffered one loss. The Sooners are hanging all their hopes on a JUCO level quarterback in Baker Maynot (name spellings are not my strong suit). This game is going to be a battle in the first half and very fun to watch. However in the second half the Oklahoma State track team will take over and run up the score.
Oklahoma State 56 Oklahoma 28

Auburn over tam college

Go War Tiger Bird. Auburn students can’t even get the story straight on who and what their mascot is. It doesn’t really matter anyway because this is another team from Alabama and that explains a lot. I guess if you are going to school in Alabama its best to be at the biggest and best the state has to offer over the laundry detergent option. I digress, back to the game at hand. Auburn is playing lights out football this season and is going to shut the power off on the aggies. After losing to Mississippi State last week Coach Sumlin has put his house on the market and is looking for the first opportunity away from this JUCO program. He is a talented coach and next year I think we will see him being promoted up to a DII program somewhere.
Auburn 73 tam college 10

LSU over Alabama

It’s the Super Bowl of college football. Forget that game in January. This is the week the world waits for every year. One of the BIGGEST programs in any sport anywhere in the world. The LSU Tigers verse the Alabama laundry detergent. The Tide is on a winning streak this year beating up on DII and DIII schools with reckless abandon. This week they have to step up and play big boy ball. LSU is on a winning streak of their own and looking to make the jump to the Top Four and destroying the second class team from Alabama will be the stepping stone they need. It will be the one of the best games to watch this weekend.
LSU 48 Alabama 14

Texas over TCU

Texas totally destroyed the POWER HOUSE program at Baylor last week in an offense and defense display rarely seen in college football. They are looking to build on that win by tearing apart the horny toads this week. TCU had luck earlier in the season against some of the low hanging fruit in the NCAA  but then had to play National Championship contender Iowa State and it lead to their demise. With their playoff hopes dashed and their dreams of becoming one of the upper tier programs in the state completely crushed the Horned Frogs do not stand a chance. With their spirit completely broken I will be surprised if enough player even show up to the game to field a complete team. The Longhorns behind Quarterback Sam Ehlinger will run wild on offense and be absolutely punishing of defense. This is going to be SHOCK and AWE Texas Longhorn Style.
Texas 45 TCU 7

There you have it Big Jim Fans. The biggest upset of the season and they are all happening this week. I have analyzed the match ups down to the most minor details to bring you the best possible information and KNOWLEDGE bombs to share with your friends family. Look for some big moves in the Rankings next week after this wild weekend. Until then, hug your mom, kiss the dog and definitely watch some football.

Big Jim