Big Jim’s Lockdown Picks of the Week 11.24.17

Big Jim is back. Sorry all my fans that have been deprived for the last couple of weeks, but Big Jim had some spare parts removed and need a bit of healing. I know you all think the GENIUS of all things football must be invincible but I had a minor break down. The good news is, there is no stadium food that my I cannot eat. I have some great picks and great upsets to bring you this week. Great ready for a wild roller coaster and of course get ready to be The Big Winner!

Wisconsin over Minnesota

This game is pretty much a given but what does Wisconsin have to do to get in the College Football Playoffs. They are one of only 3 undefeated teams from a Power 5 conference and still they sit at number 5. This could still be a great game. You have the Badgers going up against the mighty Gophers. In the wild its a match up we would love to but on the football field I think the Badgers will win the day. This is a game that is ripe for an upset as the Gophers feel they get no respect but as Gopher how much respect should you get.
Wisconsin 52 Minnesota 10

Michigan over Ohio State

Its just not in the cards for the Buckeyes this year. There are 10 different scenarios where they could still make it to the Playoffs but Big Blue will end all the speculation this week with narrow win. This will be the final regular season game for Michigan and they will go out on top. Remember the Wolverines are coached by Jim Harbaugh and all he does is win……except when he has a rare loss….but then he wins again. This is the week for a win. Urban is losing the passion he once had for the game and I wouldn’t be suprised to see him retire again after this year.
Michigan 34 Ohio State 30

South Carolina over Clemson

Clemson has been riding a wave of wins by playing a bunch super weak, no talent teams. Plus they play in the super weak, no talent ACC. They should really try to move up and play in Conference USA, I just don’t think they could get as many wins having to play stronger competition. This week they play a better team from South Carolina and it’s going to get embarrassing real quick. The Game Cocks are playing their final game of the regular season and are ready to dish out a beating in Game Cock fashion. Just don’t fire Dabo Sweeny, it’s not his fault the school doesn’t attract any real talent.
South Carolina 52 Clemson 21

Auburn over Alabama

Its the Tiger Birds of War against the Detergent. I mean really you could only get things this screwed up in the state of Alabama. That’s okay though. This week they will bring us a very entertaining, hard fought battle on the gridiron. This is the week that Auburn begins its march to HISTORY and Nick Satan falls from grace. The Tigers have always been the team that Satan and Tide have feared and this year the Birds of War are coming in on a hot streak and ready to claim their spot in the College Football Playoffs. Big Jim does find it fitting that the best school from the state will be the representative.
Auburn 34 Alabama 21

LSU over tam college

This really isn’t fair. You are running a community college level football team out on the field against one of the best programs in the country. Also this is the final game for Coach Sumlin at tam college. Next year he is hoping to move up to East Alabama Junior college and improve his talent pool. The Tigers on the other hand still have a chance to get in the playoffs with a few key losses. This week they will decimate the aggies on the road to a Premier Bowl Game.
LSU 72 tam college 10

Texas over Texas Tech

Texas has finally begun to hits its stride and is building a program for a National Championship run next year. They finally have a quarterback in Sam Ehlinger who will be the best in college football next year. This game is good for Longhorns and bad for the Red Radars. The good side for Texas is, coach Kliff Kingsbury from Tech will get a good look at the program where he will be the offensive coordinator next year. The bad news for Tech is Kingsbury will be the offensive coordinator at Texas next year. Its going to be a fun game to watch even when Texas does run away with it.
Texas 56 Texas Tech 10

There you have it friends. All the big games for the week and what will cement Big Jim’s legacy as a football picking Guru. Don’t forget to share all the picks with your friends and loved ones and make them the BIG WINNERS too. As always, remember to hug your mom and kiss the dog and definitely watch some college football. Have a great weekend.

Big Jim